Drive it Further

It’s nice to see the ball fall in the cup on a long putt and relief when it falls in on a short putt.

But lets be honest. It’s so much more fun just to bomb one off the tee.

Unfortunately we go about hitting it further all wrong. Our first instinct is to try and kill it by swinging really hard.

This usually brings alot of tension into our swing and takes us out of our natural rhythm.

Instead of swing harder we want to swing faster and I know what your thinking:

Yeah yeah, that’s obvious…Captain Obvious! You idiot!

But there’s a huge difference between faster and harder. Just the image of faster creates a more relaxed smooth looser swing.

But the image of hard…well it’s not good.

Watch today’s prescription and learn how to teach your body to swing faster NOT harder.

Your Prescription to a Better Game,
GolfersRX Tips Team

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