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A Complete Game Training Station… That Fits in Your Golf Bag

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The Simplest Golf Training Tool Ever Is the Prescription for Proper Practice

HackersRX is the simplest golf training tool ever and one that will greatly improve your alignment process. For years, golfers have used golf clubs and other alignment methods to position the body to the target line, which is only part of the process to better your game.

Now with HackersRX you can address three core fundamentals of golf: Aim, Stance, and Ball Position.

HackersRX is a small, collapsible, portable teaching and training device consisting of three telescoping rods and two plastic golf balls that can be unfolded into a “T” configuration and is adjustable for a variety of club positions that will fit in any golf bag.

It gives you, the golfer, right-handed or left-handed, consistent reference points on all clubs and all desired shot shapes.

  • Fundamentals: Aim, Stance, & Ball Position
  • Calibrated for consistent set up & training
  • Multifunctional: use it with every club in your bag
  • Visual aid perfect for improving swing path
  • Fits easily in the side pocket of your golf bag
  • Weighs less than a sleeve of balls!

Hear what the Pro Instructors have to say…

HackersRX is being used by PGA and LPGA tour professionals to help refine good fundamentals as well as amateurs to correct their stance, aim and ball position, all of which are keys to becoming a better golfer.

Below are just a few of the great things professional instructors are saying about HackersRX.

“HackersRX is the simplest, most effective golf training tool ever!”

Bill Harmon

“Every golfer will want one in their bag to use on the practice range”

Billy Kratzert

“One of the Best!”

“One of the best teaching aids I have ever used will help players at every level. I recommend to all golfers interested in improving quickly!”

“It’s a no brainer!”

“The HackersRX is a quick and easy tool to check my alignment and ball position before I play or to get into an intense practice session. It’s convenient, simple, lightweight, and efficient. It’s a no brainer!”

“Simple, easy to use, and highly effective”

“The Hackers RX is a very simple, easy to use and highly effective training aid when working on alignment, ball position, and swing path with my students”

“Takes up almost zero space in the bag”

“The HackersRX is an efficient and valuable training tool. It helps me keep my fundamentals of alignment in check while taking up almost zero space in the bag”

“So many uses for it!”

“I can’t say enough good things about HackersRX. The versatility to use it for full swings and putting. There are so many uses for it. ”

“Using the HackersRX at the Open!

Thanks again. Great product!”

“A Swiss Army Knife for Your Golf Bag”

“The days of those long unwieldly alignment sticks are gone. HackersRX is like a Swiss Army Knife for your golf bag.”


“Pretty ingenious … One of the most straightforward well-thought-out training aids we’ve seen. No wonder so many well-known teaching pros have gotten onboard”

For Every Club and Every Swing

HackersRX is the key to consistent setup for quality practice, and provides positive visual feedback for better shots. It’s the full game training system for every club in your bag.


Fairway Woods


Pitching & Chipping

Sand & Flop Shots




Flighting The Ball

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Meet the Inventor

Dick Miller

Dick Miller, DDS, MS

Golfers do not want to be “hackers”, but I started golf as a hacker in a small town in Minnesota. I didn’t have a golf professional to give me lessons, so I became self-taught. I remember reading somewhere that you align yourself to the target like railroad tracks. I really didn’t know core fundamentals that every golfer should learn:

GASPB = grip, aim, stance, posture and ball position

Over the years, I practiced hard and eventually became a low handicapper. When I practiced, I placed clubs on the ground, as we all have, to develop a “practice station.” Eventually I built some custom-made alignment rods.

When using two alignment rods, I recognized that one correctly positioned my stance so my body was “parallel and left” of the target line. But, the second one lying on the ground never really aimed my clubface at the desired “target line.”

I realized that I really didn’t need a second alignment rod on the ground. As I became a better golfer, correct ball position became more important. Laying a club on the ground perpendicular to the stance line was my first option to teach me where ball position should be for a chosen club. Then, I started putting a golf ball on the ground along my stance line to give me ball position guidance.

Thus, HackersRX was born! The practice station makes you “take dead aim” at the target and the “ball positioning” of the HackersRX training aid gives you confidence that you are indeed positioning your golf ball in your stance where you want it, no matter which club you’re using.

HackersRX will give all golfers a consistent quality practice session to better their games. For amateurs, it teaches correct stance, aim and ball position. For the professional, it reinforces and refines good fundamentals.

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