How to Hit From the Fringe

Have you ever hit a horrible shot from the fringe?

Maybe you stubbed your wedge and watched your ball dribble just a few inches forward.

Or, maybe you used your putter but you hit it way too hard and watched your ball roll way past the hole.

Either way you’re going to wind up with an extra shot on your scorecard and an overwhelming sense of frustration.

The next time you find your ball on the fringe avoid these common mistakes by keeping a few simple tips in mind

Use your putter

A bad putt is almost ALWAYS better than a bad chip. That’s why I always recommend using your putter whenever you are playing from the fringe.

Evaluate the terrain

As you walk up to the green make sure you are evaluating the slope of the terrain. Is the hill above your ball, below your ball, or even with your ball? This can have a huge impact on how your ball will roll out so it’s important to make a mental note.

Evaluate the grain

Bend down and take a look at the grass. If it’s growing toward your ball you can expect a slower roll and if it’s growing away from your ball you can expect a faster roll.

Evaluate the turf

Is the grass wet or dry? Wet or damp turf can slow your ball down while dry turf can cause your ball to roll out much faster.

Accelerate through impact

Once you’ve evaluated the terrain, the grain, and the turf, and established your target line it’s time to address the ball and make your stroke. Just remember to accelerate your putter head through the ball at impact. Slowing your putter down through the ball at impact will lead to stubbed putts and inconsistent performance.

Keeping these tips in mind will give you a big advantage next time you find your ball on the fridge. Just don’t forget to give them a try on the practice green too!

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