Can You REALLY Add 10 MPH of Club Speed (and 30 Extra Yards to Your Drives) INSTANTLY with Just 6 Swings of This Device?

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You don’t need hours of range time.

You don’t need expensive lessons or gear

You don’t even need to be in great shape…

All you need is this incredible breakthrough in golf distance technology — and in just seconds, you can be BOOMING it farther than anybody in your foursome!

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If you’re like many golfers out there, you’re tired of being the shortest hitter of your group. All the other guys (including that smarmy one you can’t stand) consistently pound it WAY past you, round after round, year after year.

And it’s driving you absolutely bonkers.

Sure, they try to be nice by saying things like “wind must have knocked that one down” or “you’ll get it next time”.

But you hear the snickers…you see the impatient looks on their faces as they (yet again) wait for you to hit an approach shot before they can walk to their ball, farther down the fairway…and you KNOW what they must be whispering at the back of the teebox:

“I wonder if his husband plays too…”

“I can hit my wedge farther than that…”

“Hope he clear the ladies’ tee this time…”

And on and on and on…

Well I’ve got one word for you today:


It’s time to make a change…to finally gain some much-needed respect and credibility with your playing partners…and add some serious (and I mean SERIOUS) distance to your game.

And the Speed Whoosh is the fastest and easiest way to get there…

Just 6 Swings Gets You an Extra 21–30 Yards on Your Next Drive — GUARANTEED

With the Speed Whoosh, you’ll finally have a tool that instantly piles big time yardage on your tee shots--without having to spend big bucks on lessons and equipment or hours on the range pounding balls…

This amazing new golf improvement product literally adds 7‑10 MPH of clubhead speed in as little as 6 swings, translating to as much as 30 yards of extra distance on your next drive.

And here’s the secret…

While the Speed Whoosh weighs the same as a standard golf club, when the Magnetic Timing Ball is at the end, you can swing the Speed Whoosh more than 25 miles per hour faster than your own driver.

This ultra-quick swinging motion automatically activates the fast twitch muscle fibers through the “Over-Speed Training Effect”, the same type used by Olympic sprinters as they train to compete for the gold medal.

These fast twitch muscles normally lie dormant in your current swing. But with the Speed Whoosh, you’ll tap into the wellspring and bring these power-dripping muscles to life, gaining significantly more distance on your tee shots and putting your pals to shame.

Develop a routine of swinging the Speed Whoosh at these higher speeds on a regular basis and you will continue to increase your swing speed and promote the proper mechanics.

Just 25 swings a day in sets of 5 high speed swings and continue adding yardage on your tee shots.

Here’s a quick video of me explaining the Speed Whoosh in more detail to 21-time PGA Tour winner Fred Funk…

Hundreds of Golfers Just Like You are Experiencing Game-Changing Long-Ball Power with Speed Whoosh

I See a Real Difference

“I can see a real difference on the course and my playing partners, who were not aware that I was using the Speed Whoosh and even commented on the difference in my drives.”

A Very Useful Tool

“My golf pro suggested that my son and I try this. We use it to work on our timing for our swing. The magnet on the grip end holds the ball until you swing and allows you to tell if you are releasing late or early. You will find this to be a very useful tool to improve your golf game.”

I Use It Every Day

“This really works. I use it every day in the driveway for about 10 minutes. It has increased my clubhead speed tremendously. The training grip has helped me with releasing the club and rotating the hands naturally. This is a great product!”

Added 10 Yards of Flight

“The Speed Whoosh has helped lengthen my swing by getting my lead shoulder behind the ball. My swing has much better tempo, my scoring has improved and I have added about 10 yards of ball flight. 20 swings before a round and I am nice and loose and ready to go. Great product.”

Drive Increased 50 Yards

“I have had the ‘whoosh’ for about 3 months now, and can tell you that my average driving distance has increased by 50+ yards. I am hitting all of my other clubs farther than I have ever before! I have been taking lessons since I took up golf 3 years ago, but this is just as good an investment as the $3,500 that I have spent on lessons to date! I highly recommend it!”

It Transformed My Game

“The Speed Whoosh is the best swing tool I’ve ever seen or used. It’s simple and easy to use, with immediate feedback. Last year it basically transformed my game – frequent playing partners were amazed it the difference in contact and compression. This year it has continued. All I know is that it has worked for me.”

The Feedback I Needed

“I have to say this aid gave me the feedback I needed to make the necessary adjustments to increase the distances on my driver. When my drives get a little wayward or losing some yardage I practice with it and I’m back on track”

One of the Best

“One of the best training aids I have used. Easy to practice with in the backyard daily to work on swing. Also, a good warm up before a round or session on the range”

Carry it Wherever I Go

“I have been using the swing trainer for three weeks now I feel my swing has increased and the ball travels about 10 to 20 yards farther. I carry the trainer in my golf bag wherever I go, this is a good product. Try it you will find it works”

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Instructional Online Video Series

Don’t know where to start with your Speed Whoosh? No problem — we can help! You’ll join Jim Sorenson for an in-depth lesson on exactly how to use your Speed Whoosh for maximum effectiveness.

He’ll reveal the secrets of the timing ball, how to quickly improve your release for big-time power, where you should be hearing the “whoosh”, the one-arm swing drill, and much more. Just a few minutes with this online series will have you swinging like a pro in no time.

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Long Drive Secrets Online Video Series

With Long Drive Champions Jamie Sadlowski and Art Sellinger

Wow, this one is a’ll join Jamie Sadlowski and Art Sellinger, both who have won multiple long drive championships, for an unforgettable personal lesson on what it REALLY takes to become a long-bomber.

At only 5’ 10” and 168 pounds, Sadlowski doesn’t look like he can pound the ball 445 yards. But inside this online series, you’ll discover the insider secrets and hidden power sources that have helped him become one of the longest drivers of all time, and how they can help you too!

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Power Golf Recipes

We all know eating the right foods not only helps you maintain your overall health, make you feel better, and look better, but it can also improve your performance on the golf course.

These recipes contain our favorite foods to jump-start your golf game, keep you at peak performance during your round—as well as post round recovery recipes. And it’s included as part of your package—FREE with your order during this special promotional period.

Backed By Our Rock-Solid, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll see astounding results from your Speed Whoosh almost immediately that we’re standing behind it with this promise…

Go ahead and test drive the Speed Whoosh for a full 30 days. Put it through the paces. Watch the instructional video. Get the invaluable long drive tips from Jamie Sadlowski and Art Sellinger. Take advantage of everything you see on this page for an entire month…

And, if after those 30 days, you’re not satisfied in any way with the Speed Whoosh or the bonuses, and you’re not seeing a 7-10 MPH increase in your swing speed, and you’re not getting 21-30 additional yards on your drives, then simply let us know and we’ll arrange to have you return it for a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling).

No asterisks. No fine print. Just a set-in-stone promise, direct from the founder. You don’t get results, you don’t pay.

Simple as that.

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Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You CAN be one of the biggest hitters in your group, and start playing the kind of golf you’ve always wanted to, with better scores and more fun. And the Speed Whoosh can help you quickly and easily get there.

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Speed Whoosh Training Bundle

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Left-Handed Club

  • Speed Whoosh Training Aid
  • Instructional Training Videos
  • Long Drive Secrets Videos
  • Power Golf Recipes

Sale Price: $39.00

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Right-Handed Club

  • Speed Whoosh Training Aid
  • Instructional Training Videos
  • Long Drive Secrets Videos
  • Power Golf Recipes

Sale Price: $39.00

List Price: $99.00

Save: $60.00 (60%)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Order Securely 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

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