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Align Your Heels Not Your Toes

Hey Quite The Chap here for GolfersRX. Do you find yourself hitting the ball way off target even though you think you’re lined up properly?

You may in fact NOT be lined up properly. Weird how we could be wrong with such a simple task. Your toes are a less than ideal way to line yourself up to your target. Example: according to my toes I’m lined up over here…but really I’m lined up here. Example #2: according to my toes I’m lined up here…but I’m really lined up here.

If you take something like the TEE BOX, it’s not only going to allow you to line up your feet to your target properly it can help with lining up your body as well.

Take the TEE BOX and line up the top of the box to your target. When you step inside, line your heels up with the bottom of the box. You can now double check that your BODY is also aligned by laying a club over your shoulders and hips making sure it runs parallel to the TEE BOX.

The biggest problem with the TEE BOX is that now you don’t have any excuses… ah ah, no excuses. shhhhh.

Until next time, keep it simple.

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