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Hey, Quite The Chap here for GoflersRX. “You have 150 to the middle, 135 to the front, 165 to the back,” and we’ve got a back pin, so I guess I should hit it 165.  In today’s video, we cover your Approach Shot Roll Out and help you develop a golf approach shot strategy.

The device Colby using in today’s video… The Voice Caddie 400 Rangefinder.

I see it all the time.  In fact, I do it all the time. I see or, in this case, hear yardage and then figure that I have to hit it exactly that far.

But here’s the thing, carry distance is a lot different than total distance, especially if you hit the ball a little lower. It’s got some sizzle coming into the green.

Approach Shot Roll Out

Let me demonstrate on this diagram:

We’ve got a shot into the green
the middle is 150…the pin is back at 165
We hit our 7 iron 165…it hits the green and immediately jumps over into the thick stuff, and now we’re short-sided.

The proper thing to do is aim for the middle of the green and allow the ball to roll out; call it your ‘approach shot roll out.’

It’s no different if we have a short pin.
We take the club that allows us to get on the green…and allow it to roll out.
If there’s no trouble short of the green…we can even land it short and let it run-up to the pin.

There is no need to land the ball the same yardage as the pin. Unless you have laser-like, pin-seeking irons, it can often get you in trouble. Remember to allow for approach Shot Roll Out.  The ball will hit the green and release some depending on how high or low you hit it.

Until next time keep it simple.


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