Aspire: 18 Ball Warm Up

We rush to the first tee more often than we’d like to admit. Here’s a great way to slow it down and get in sync.

Zap three flags with your rangefinder:

70, 90, 130 yards roughly: pick three clubs that will get the ball to these targets with half swings. Hit two balls to each target. Then pick clubs that will get to these targets with 3/4 swings. Hit two balls to each. Then pick the clubs that will get there with a full swing and hit one ball to each target.

This is a great way to:
– align your alignment
– warm up your muscles…especially your back
– get you in rhythm

There’s nothing worse than rushing to the range to hit 100 balls in 3 minutes or and pulling out your driver and swinging for the fences…ease into it. Or else your rhythm is off, your sequencing is off, and the third vertebrae from your tailbone is throbbing.

In today’s tip, you’ll see the Aspire Laser Rangefinder in action.

It is top-of-the-line in terms of quality and features, but available for a fraction of the price.

Secure yours here: Aspire to be precise

One Response to Aspire: 18 Ball Warm Up

  1. Steve Ruis September 30, 2020 at 10:00 am #

    That only adds up to 15 balls. (2 x 3 then 2 x 3 again, and then 1 x 3).

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