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Aspire: In Between Clubs

How many times in a round do you have the perfect yardage? Not very often.

Best way to deal with that is practice it.

On the range zap a flag that’s in between clubs. 130 yards. For argument sake lets say that’s right in the middle of a PW and 9.

So I take my 9 iron and hit a little floater cut.
I take my PW iron and hit a going draw.

Shaping your approach shots will help you when you’re in-between clubs. Cuts tend to take a few yards off and draws tend to give you a few yards.

In today’s tip, you’ll see the Aspire Laser Rangefinder in action.

It is top-of-the-line in terms of quality and features, but available for a fraction of the price.

Secure yours here: Aspire to be precise

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