Eliminate Casting to Increase Swing Speed

A simple fix to eliminate casting is to start your downswing slowly and increase your speed linearly. Data shows that a golfer with an average swing speed of 90mph will see an increase of 4-5mph in speed and 12 or more yards. Read Now.

Driving Tips
Attack Angle – Add Distance Without Swinging Faster

Gene Parente here with an important lesson on angle of attack and how a small adjustment in our ball position can lead to longer AND straighter drives. <br /> Read Now.

Gene Parente
Angular Velocity – Slow to Go Fast

Gene Parente’s back with Physics lesson on “angular velocity” we know you’ll enjoy. Slow to go fast! Watch Now.

Gene Parente
Wide Narrow Wide

Three simple words can lead to booming drives consistently. Wide - Narrow - Wide. Gene Parente from Golf Laboratories will walk us through this drill so we can easily achieve this swing concept. Master it and you'll experience less casting, greater lag, and a killer follow-through when you apply maximum club head speed at impact. Watch Now.

Gene Parente
Proper Tee Height for the Driver

In this video Gene Parente talks about the depth of your driver's club face today versus those of "yesterday". While the new technology is impressive and incredibly helpful, other adjustments have to be made before you start swinging. Watch Now.

Irons Angle of Attack

There's a completely different approach to evaluating your attack angle with your irons compared with your driver. Read Now.

Gain 35 Extra Yards with a Better Swing Path

Most amateurs lose unnecessary distance and direction of their drives because of an outside to inside swing path. Simply put they come over the top. Read Now.

Driving Tips
Wrong Shaft Flex In Your Clubs

What happens if you play with a club(s) that has the wrong flex? Read Now.

What is Your Optimal Launch Angle?

Launch angle can be considered one of the critical components of your golf shots. Read Now.

Smash Factor – What is it?

Maximizing launch angle and spin rate numbers can help in achieving a more efficient smash factor. Read Now.