Gym Equipment For Golf: Bosu Ball

What’s up GolfersRx, Mark Williamson the golf yogi here. I want to go through a number of things today with some of my favorite pieces of equipment that we use in the gym. I use this with almost every client i work with. That’s a bosu ball.

We’re going to set this bosu ball on the flat side. I want your foot to be just inside of dead center. We’re going to take a squat here. You see when we go down, these hips are pretty off plane but the shoulders are trying to stay really square. I want you to feel like you’re giving a good drive off of this leg. Most important is driving down, trying to find the balance into this foot that’s up on the bosu.

The benefit comes from the struggle so don’t worry if they’re not perfect. Don’t worry if you’re flopping around a little bit maybe play with 10 to 20 each side and then switch it up.

The last one i’ve got for you with the bosu ball is we’re going to flip it to the other side. If you’ve never played around with a bosu ball before they’re not real stable. As you can tell they kind of flop all over the place. These are basically just step ups. There’s a little circle that you can see right in the middle of the ball. We want to make sure our foot’s right in there. Take a nice big deep bend into this front knee and all we’re going to do is drive up a little. Hold. Right back down. Drive up in a little, hold, right back down from the side.

The more we can drive those feet into the ground the more power we’re going to produce. So grab a bosu ball the next time you’re at the gym and give these a shot. Hopefully you’re going to work on a little bit of balance, a little bit of drive, hopefully play a little bit better golf

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