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“Drive for show, putt for dough”

You’ve heard it so often that it’s become a cliche...

Then you’re staring down a 40-footer that you need to two-putt for the carry-over. Or the four-footer that you need to take the match.

And that old cliche turns into real life. You know the nerve-wracking tension, checking and rechecking your line, palms sweaty, wondering if you can pull this off…

Say goodbye to all that, and say hello to The BAT. You’ll step onto every green with the confidence that you have the putter you need to sink the toughest shot.

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According to analysis by Golf Digest, 41.6% of your shots every round are made on the putting green.

That’s right — almost half!

Which means just one club is entirely responsible for over 40% of your score. No ifs, ands, or buts about it — the putter is by FAR the most important club in your bag.

And that’s why players everywhere call this innovative putter from StandPutters:

revolutionary putting technology

Exceptional Balance for Effortless Strikes

The BAT’s graphite shaft is combined with its steel hosel to create an extremely light upper. The pairing gives the head a heavier feel while maintaining exceptional balance.

This creates an effortless pendulum motion for strike speed and distance that’s remarkably easy to control.

Consistent Impact starts at the face

The revolutionary insert in the face of the BAT gives each stroke a consistent feel - whether you’re using a ball thats outer shell resembles a rock or one that is a little softer to the touch.

The BAT’s insert gives auditory feedback as well - an easily overlooked but critical cue for your strikes. You won’t get an ear piercing clank or a soft muffled thunk here - just a crisp rap that lets you know when you’ve made solid contact.

Instant feedback, instant confidence

The alignment markings across the back of the BAT are a unique and powerful feature.

Almost all putters have alignment markings, but the BAT’s lines stand apart - and offer you a unique and ingenious new visual reference when you’re setting up your putt.

The lines run across both the top and bottom sections of the putter - so you can instantly and easily check your set up over the ball. If the markings don’t line up, your eyes aren’t correctly set over the ball. Knowing that you’re properly set up each and every time will give you an instant boost of confidence - and one less thing to think about on the green.

Reading the Green Has Never Been This Easy

If your set-up is consistent and your stroke is consistent, then all that’s left is your alignment - and what better way to double-check your alignment than by taking a step back?

The BAT actually stands up on its own, so you can line up to your target and then step away to check your line from any angle – and ensure that your putt will hug the curve of the green exactly the way you need it to.

Outside of using it on the course, this is a game-changer when it comes to practicing and warming up before a round.

Imagine being your own coach on the practice green.

Having problems seeing your line? Just step back take a look for yourself. You’ll start lining up to your target more often - allowing you to stroke your putts with more confidence.

"A Superb Piece of Equipment"

“I bought the BAT on a whim, based on the description of its features, never suspecting I would keep it. After all, I had used the same putter for 15 plus years. Anyway, I did keep it. Why?

Because it is a superb piece of equipment. The balance is perfect. The top and bottom alignment lines help you determine if you are set up properly. And the fact that it stands so you can walk behind the putter to determine the accuracy of the line is a brilliant idea.”

Try it and I suspect you too will not be sending it back.

Special bonus for GolfersRx readers

As our way of saying “thank you” for being a loyal GolfersRx subscriber, you’ll also get an exclusive bonus that you won’t find anywhere else – a 5-part Putting Super Hero Series series from our own Quite the Chap.

Colby’s videos are a GolfersRx favorite, and when he tried out the BAT, he insisted on filming a training series to show you exactly how to master your new putter.

These exclusive videos will be delivered instantly via email, and we encourage you to watch them while your BAT putter is on the way - so when it arrives at your door, you’re ready to take it right out to the practice green and start sinking putts more easily than ever before.

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The BAT Putter is fantastic! I have never putted as well with any other putter.


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