Sharpie Your Wedges For Better Chipping

Hey, Quite The Chap here for GolfersRX. Chili-dipping, I mean chunking. No, whiffing, geez, nope, chipping, and how to avoid the other stuff I just said…in today’s video.

Better Chipping

Better Chipping ain’t easy. But getting better doesn’t have to be complicated. Often we pick a spot to land the ball. Followed by making a short swing. Then we let the club do all the work…sometimes. And we execute…sometimes.

Sometimes we chuck it. Other times we skull it. But if we use a sharpie, we can do better chipping with a little visualization.

I forget where I saw this tip, but I think it’s a great visualization tool.

  • Take a sharpie,
  • Mark the bottom groove on a wedge,
  • Line up to the ball,
  • When you make your swing imagine sliding the marked groove under the ball.

This mark is a visualization cue

  • Don’t try and lift the ball,
  • It’s not about hitting the ball,
  • Visualize and imagine sliding the marked groove under the ball,
  • The club will do the rest.

If we’re all about making things simple on this site, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Take that leading edge and slide it under the ball. That’s it. The club will do the rest.

Until next time, please keep it simple.


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  1. Joseph Hallett

    July 5, 2021 at 2:34 pm

    I read the title of this article and it jogged my memory and I said…Hey I saw that too….then my wife looked at me and said…”Umm…you wrote that and it was in last months GOLF Magazine!”. As always …she is right …..hahah Thanks for the affirmation of it being a cool tip..it started out as “Underline your chips for success!”.

    Best – and enjoy your Golfers RX

    Joseph Hallett, PGA
    GOLF Magazine TOP 100

  2. Gil Bloomer

    March 18, 2022 at 9:45 am

    I use a “dry erase” marker for the same purpose. Also, it’s a lot easier to clean afterward.


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