Quite The Chap
Wanna Break 90? Sand Saves Made Easy

This is a simple drill for better sand shots Watch Now.

Matt Fisher
The Bunker Drill – Sand Scoop

The Bunker Drill - Sand Scoop is a practice technique that will help you gain confidence in the bunker and condition you to follow through on every bunker shot. Read Now.

Michael Duranko & Marty Glass
Sand Trapped

Read Now.

Matt Fisher
Bunker Drill – Throw the Sand

Ok, so most of us will never be able to bomb it like Bryson, but anyone of us can dial in our short game and lower our scores with good fundamentals and lots of practice. This is especially true in the bunker. Read Now.

Matt Fisher
Bunker Technique – Shallow not Steep

Mr. Short game has a new approach to get your bunker game back in shape. <br /> Watch Now.

Matt Fisher
40-Yard Bunker Shot

The 30-40 yard bunker shot is arguably the toughest shot in golf. Most of us know this shot from experience and its potential to lead to a “blow-up” hole. Mr. Short Game has a strategy that might help the next time your standing over this tricky shot. Read Now.

Quite The Chap
Do You Have Positive Swing Thoughts?

Can swing thoughts hurt your game? Absolutely! Read Now.

Quite The Chap
How to Escape Fairway Bunkers

Hitting into a fairway bunker shouldn't make you shutter with fear because escaping a fairway bunker is actually pretty simple. Read Now.

Quite The Chap
Hit a Bunker Shot From Thick Rough

If you're stuck in some thick green-side rough, hit a bunker shot. Read Now.

Matt Fisher
5 Keys to Escape the Bunker

Mr. Short Game comes to GolfersRX to teach you how to escape the bunker with 5 easy to implement keys. Read Now.