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Keep Your Shoes Looking Brand New with Your FREE CleanKicks™ Shoe Cleaner Wipes

Nobody wants to look like a slob out on the course. And let's face it - after 18 holes of grass, sand, mud, scuffs, and spills - our shoes take a beating.

So when we found CleanKicks, we knew we'd stumbled on to something special.

CleanKicks Shoe Cleaner Wipes are incredibly effective. We tested them on the dirtiest, grimiest, nastiest shoes in our closet. And with just a little water, these powerful wipes cut away the grime and made our shoes look good as new.

And removing dirt isn't just about looks. Keeping your shoes free of dirt and grime will actually extend their lifespan.

So you can hold on to your favorite shoes - and your money - for years to come.



Deep, Natural Cleaning – remove dirt and grime from tennis shoes, boots, cleats, and sneakers with all-natural ingredients and deep-cleaning texture.

Gentle on any Material – A soft texture and natural formula ensure these deep cleaning wipes won’t damage or discolor your shoes.

Multipurpose Versatility – strong enough for any shoe, they're also gentle enough to use on your leather seats, canvas backpacks, and suede shoes.

Ultra-portable – fits easily in your golf bag, glove box, or briefcase.



Joshua L.

Cleans multiple shoes very well with just one wipe!

Cleans very well and is slightly abrasive to get the dirt out easier, without damaging the leather. One wipe can clean 3-4 pairs of shoes easily. Love them.

E. Alarcon

Amazing product.

Fantastic product. Baseball shoes look brand new after using these wipes. I wasn’t sure how these would work, but now I’m buyin them again. the scrubby side gets all the dirt out. The other side finishes the job.


Definitely recommend it!

I was very skeptical but I have to admit that this product went way beyond my expectations. It even cleaned my husbands grimy shoes and that's a quote a test lol definitely recommend it!!!

Kyle F.

Excellent for quickly cleaning sneakers

These wipes work great! I have a pair of Nike Air Max Shox that are rare and I was always nervous about cleaning them since I didn't want to ruin the material. It only took me 1 wipe for both sneakers and now they look like new again.

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