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Coordinate Your Hand-Eye Coordination

Hey Quite The Chap here for GolfersRX. (juggling) Hand eye coordination is not just for the carnival folk…it also helps your golf game…in todays video.

We hear the golf analysts and commentators talk about so and so having great hand-eye coordination and we’re like, if I just had better hand-eye coordination they’d be talking about me that way. Probably not, but that shouldn’t discourage us from improving our hand-eye coordination which in turn will help us hit crispy low spins and such.

Super simple:

– take a piece of tape
– lay it across your hitting mat
– or rug…but not the good one
– take a chipping or pitching set up
– try and hit the tape
– you want to hear the club hitting the tape
– now put a ball down directly in front of the tape
– focus on hitting the tape…not the ball

Hand eye coordination 101. This type of drill, where you don’t really need to hit any balls is a great way to practice hitting those crisp pitch and chip shots. I don’t know about you but I get goose bumps just thinking of hitting a crispy low spinner.

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And until next time, keep it simple.

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