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Create A Home Workout Space You Love

Create A Home Workout Space You Love

Mark Williamson – The Golf Yogi

As a golf fitness and performance specialist, I have heard two words more than maybe any other two since March of 2020… home gym.

Since the pandemic hit we’ve been forced to workout at home.

What’s the best evidence of this?

Beside forced gym closures, workout equipment is at an all-time high price. For a period you couldn’t find it all. I’ve been waiting for some new gym equipment for over five months. I stopped receiving updates on its shipping over two months ago!

So what goes into creating a great home workout space?

The truth is, not a whole lot. First on the list is the space for your home gym.

Do you have space in the garage? Perfect. Have you cleaned out the basement in a few years? Time to get on it. What about the spare bedroom that gets used two nights a year? I’ve got a better use for it!

Once we find a good space, flooring for your home gym is next on the list. You don’t need expensive heavy duty flooring. In fact, the only surface that sucks for a workout space is carpet. Don’t believe me? Try it for a month and let me know how it smells in there. I promise, it won’t be good!

Concrete is fine as long as you have a yoga or fitness mat for floor work. I personally have an inexpensive puzzle-piece type rubber floor in my home gym, which cost me less than $100. Could it be nicer? Sure. Does it get the job done? Yup, and it has for over five years without needing replacement.

Once you’ve selected your space and flooring, next you’ll need to choose the equipment to make it functional. This is a personal preference.

My list of go to gym equipment for golfers is pretty basic.

  1. Dumbbells
  2. Bench
  3. Medicine Ball
  4. Balance Pad

For dumbbells, I recommend Power Blocks. They are easy to adjust the weight and take up significantly less space than traditional dumbbells. The bench is great for traditional lifting and can also be used for step ups instead of needing a large box that is normally just used for box jumps.

The medicine ball is one of the greatest tools I use with my clients.

I keep a 5, 8, 10, and 12 pound ball in my home gym for everything from ball slams to step ups with a rotation holding the ball at your chest. The uses for golfers is almost endless with medicine balls!

A simple 18 inch balance pad will let you work a lot of different exercises. Simply balancing on one leg, reaching to the floor on one leg, traditional bicep curls on an unstable surface, the list goes on for the balance pad as well.

No matter what equipment you decide to fill your space with, make sure it is things you will actually use and be versatile enough to keep your attention for years to come. You can always add things as your workouts and fitness goals progress.

I’ve just added a pull-up bar, TRX straps, a battle rope, Indo Board, and most recently a heavy bag for boxing. Anything to keep it fresh!

Oh, and one last thing: make sure there’s a solid Bluetooth speaker to keep those workouts upbeat and far from boring with some great tunes!

Have fun and enjoy building your health from home!

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