Step back and take a look

Step back and take a look. With this simple drill you’ll be able to visualize your line to the hole. And hopefully sink a few more putts.

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  1. Doug Golden August 20, 2018 at 7:42 pm #

    I bought myself a ‘Bat stand putter’ and I can say it has helped my putting.
    I had a bad habit of pushing putts right of target more often than not. It was getting ridiculous. With this putter I putt faster because I don’t have to fiddle around trying to get my line pointed perfectly… I can take my stance and aim then step back and “read” the putt and see if the putter is aligned to my start line. As long as I don’t change where the face is pointed and don’t jack up the speed too much it’s either in or close. I’m gonna do the string thing soon again too.

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