Develop a Balanced Swing

Create consistency in your swing with better balance

Hey, Quite The Chap here for GoflersRX. We’ve all heard that a balanced diet is good for your health. Well, a balanced swing is also good for your health.

A balanced swing alleviates many health ailments you probably didn’t think were golf-related…like high blood pressure. Anger issues. Chromdomia. Grey hairitis. I broke my 9 iron over my knee again syndrome. That’s an expensive one. All joking aside…a balanced golf swing is a very important aspect of a solid and consistent golf game.

Balanced Swing

A great way to develop a balanced swing is the left foot right foot shuffle. Address your ball and instead of taking the club back, move the club forward along with your back foot, then swing them both back, switching to your front foot, and then again swing through with your club and your back foot. You’re essentially swinging on one foot the entire time.

An even easier way to develop a balanced swing is to do it with the Balance Rod. Whats great about this training aid is that it’s forcing your body to keep it’s balance as you make golf swings without you having to think about it.

When you take the balance rod away…you feel more grounded. Your body is using it’s legs to stabilize itself instead of your spine or hips or some other body part that is in fact knocking you off balance.

Until next time, keep it simple.


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  1. Chap...seriously

    April 4, 2021 at 6:29 pm

    I got two things here…1) Steal my name will ya….lol how dare you. Gotta give props. 2) This drill, and as such watching the tiger woods how i play series and where your balance needs to be with each club to maximize your strike has given me finally after 26 years and scores in the 80-s to scores in the sixties a firm grasp of a single swing for all occasions golf game tha allows me to really maximize shot making and playing golf and not golf swing. Kudos to you and keep the hits coming.

    Chap W


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