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Feel Every Movement In Your Golf Swing

Hey Quite The Chap here for GolfersRX. Have you ever seen a swing that takes a full minute to complete? Ooohhhf, one minute swing…in todays video.

Ben Hogan use to practice a one minute swing. What do I mean by that. His swing from start to finish would take one minute. 60 seconds. It was deliberate. It was precise.

We can learn a lot from performing a one minute swing like Hogan. We can also take it up a notch and add an extra element. A little bit of weight to the end fo the club with the Edge Power Trainer. This is going to allow you to FEEL every little movement in your swing.

Make your regular swing…just slow it down…a lot.

FYI – this is not going to be a one minute swing…we’re going to make it a little quicker for your viewing pleasure:

– Feel the club move away with your hands, arms, and shoulders in one movement.
– Feel the weight slowly move from one foot to the other.
– Rotation in your back
– The power being built in your quads
– The club set at the top of the backswing
– Releasing of the left knee
– Rotation of the hips
– Lag in your club
– Power pushing from the back foot
– Uncocking of the wrists
– Full extension of the arms
– A complete followthrough to the finish

This weight is going to give you that little extra feel throughout all of this. I know what you’re saying, this is ridiculous, this is so easy. Really? Try it. It takes discipline make a one minute swing. To deliberately go through every little motion. But it works.

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Until next time, keep it simple.

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