Find Your Weakness

Golf is unique to all other sports.

We quickly get sucked in and obsessed with our golf games and I think it’s attributed specifically to improving.

We get hungry for it so we set a goal like breaking 90. This is a great goal, but there’s one missing key factor.

How are you going to make that goal?

Usually we take the route of flipping through the nearest Golf Magazine and picking a tip or a drill that is completely arbitrary to our golf game.

After a week or even after a half bucket of balls, when you don’t see any results, you abandon it and move on to the next tip in Golf Magazine.

Sound familiar?

If yes, then watch today’s golf lesson and I’ll teach you how to start picking the tips or drills that are specific to your game. You’ll have much more clarity and fun in practice and in play.

Your Prescription to a Better Game,

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