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Golf Rules 2019 – What’s new in the general area (fairway and rough)?

Golf Rules 2019 – What’s new in the general area (fairway and rough)?

Embedded ball (Rule 16)

Previously, the player only got relief if the ball had become embedded in a closely-mown area.

Now, you can take a free drop from all embedded balls in the “general area”, including in the semi-rough and rough.

Good to know: Balls embedded in a bunker or in penalty areas still have to be played as they lie.

Animal holes (Rule 16)

Previously, the player was only given relief from animal holes if they were made by burrowing animals and reptiles, or birds.

Now, the restriction to certain species of animals has been lifted and you can take a free drop from holes and excavation tracks left by all animals (except for insects and worms).

Good to know: This usually involves molehills and mouse holes.

Wrong green (Rule 13)

If the ball lands on the wrong green, playing it from there is not allowed, as this would most likely damage the green. However, if the ball only lands near the wrong green the player was previously permitted to stand on the wrong green to play his ball.

Now, you also have to take a free drop if you would have to take your stance on the wrong green.

Good to know: The spot for dropping is therefore now usually a bit further away from the green.

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