Golf Rules Quick Reference

“Winner of ‘Best New Product’ at the PGA Show, this guide belongs in every golf bag.”

“Winner of ‘Best New Product’ at the PGA Show, this guide belongs in every golf bag.”

Golf Rules Quick Reference 2019

The world’s best-selling golf book…
Over 2 Million Copies Sold!

The Practical Guide for Use on The Course

As of 2019, new golf rules apply worldwide. This is the most extensive revision of the rules in over 30 years.

Fortunately, you’ll have the Golf Rules Quick Reference in your bag!

This handy, water-repellent guide gives you a clear overview of all the changes so that you can benefit from all the simplifications and new relief procedures.

And the moment you look inside, it's easy to understand why this little book has become an award-winning bestseller recommended by golf associations around the world.

Answer Any Rules Question in Seconds

Fast, convenient, and easy-to-read – the rules of golf have never been simpler.

Ultra-portable - just 6" x 4.2", easily slips into your pocket or golf bag

Quick reference - indexed tabs make finding rules easier than ever

Fully illustrated - 180 full-color illustrations show you exactly how to proceed at a glance

Built to last - plastic cover and coated pages for dirt and water protection.

Trusted by millions - with over 2 million copies sold, Expert Golf's reference guide is the best-selling golf book in the world.

Conforms to USGA Rules - and recommended by golf associations worldwide

The Golf Rules Quick Reference is a must-have for every golf bag!
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Golfers Love The Golf Rules Quick Reference…

Leeinowa · Verified Buyer · 12/24/2018

If you haven't memorized the revised rules of golf this guide should be in your bag.

This is a small (6″ x 4.12″) quick reference 2019 golf rules guide. It is a top flip with 8 indexes to guide you to the rule that applies to the situation that you are in. It has images to show the proper way to follow the rule in addition to the comments. This book will easily fit into your golf bag or your pockets. If you haven’t memorized the revised rules of golf this guide should be in your bag.

Brian McLoughlin · Verified Buyer · 12/25/2018

Easy to find the essentials.

The layout promotes easy use - really easy to look for particular items. It does not replace the full Rules of Golf, which the vast majority of club players do not read fully or at all. It is desgned to take on the course.

Randy Glassman · Verified Buyer · 2/4/2019

A good resource for your golf bag

I'm a high school golf coach. Having this resource will be invaluable. The graphics are well done. Sometimes the pictures are easier to understand than reading the rule. Golf leagues should include this booklet as part of their dues this year!

Ginger Vann · Verified Buyer · 05/16/2019

Great Reference with the Latest Rule Changes

This is the updated version of an on-course book I have by the same author. It is excellent—easy to understand, you can find what you need when you need it and it is small enough to fit in a pocket of your golf bag. We gave a few of them as door prizes at a recent golf tournament and a pro saw one and wants to give one to each of his students.

Hudmn160 · Verified Buyer · 01/31/2019

Well worth it!

The book was just exactly as advertised. I am thoroughly pleased with the ease of finding various parts of the game by just flipping to the appropriate tab. When you are out on the course and a question is asked about a rule, you don't have a lot of time to find the answer. This book helps you find the answer quickly. I recommend this book to all golfers who want to make sure that all the rules are followed.

Christine C. · Verified Buyer · 04/19/2019

very easy to use

This is a great ref book because of its size & it's easy to find whatever you need in a hurry on the course. I would recommend this to everybody that plays competitive golf.

BF · Verified Buyer · 03/12/2019

I won't play golf without this in my back-pocket!!

This is the easiest, quickest way to resolve a rule-question(2019 version!) It's tabbed by location/situation and is loaded with easy to understand illustrations. I recommend flipping through it before you play so you can get to the right section even faster.

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Golf Rules Quick Reference

2019 Edition · by Yves C. Ton-That

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About the Author
Yves C. Ton-That

Yves C. Ton-That has been a rules official for more than 20 years. He has written ten books on golf which have been translated into over 20 languages.

Some of his works are award winners and his "Golf Rules Quick Reference" is the best-selling golf book in the world (more than 2 million copies sold). He advises golf clubs and associations throughout the world about rules issues and plays of a handicap of 5.

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