Healthy Feet On The Golf Course

Healthy feet on the golf course can greatly improve your golf game and the enjoyment of your round.

What’s up, GolfersRx, Mark Williamson, the Golf Yogi talking about Healthy Feet and what you can do to stretch your feet and develop a Foot Fitness routine.

Healthy Feet

Healthy feet on the golf course can greatly improve your golf game and the enjoyment of your round.

When we think of feet and golf, our mind probably veers to alignment. Or ball position in relation to our front foot. Weight transfer might be at the top of your mind. All good things to consider when it comes to our feet, but what about the health of our feet?

We spend a lot of time on our feet, especially when we’re golfing. If we can loosen up our feet and work out the knots, there will be huge benefits to our game. Our footwork will become quicker. Our weight transfer becomes smoother. And our overall enjoyment of our time out on the course sees an improvement.



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  1. John K Atchley

    April 30, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    Great exercises. I am almost 78 years old, have been playing golf since 1962. I have always done stretches before gym workouts, which I began 35 years ago, or before running (these days walking) or playing a round, but none, or almost none, like these, although some of mine are based on related ideas. I will begin doing them. Just hope I can remember them once in the gym.

    One question. What size feet does Mark have? They seem to be some of the longest feet I have ever seen. Size maybe 14 or 15? No wonder he has such great balance. (LOL).


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