Hit It Longer & Straighter Series: Consistency & Accuracy

If you want to hit it longer and straighter you need to find consistency in your swing. If you can find consistency, you’ll hit the sweet spot more often. More sweet spots, will in turn result in farther drives and more fairways hits.

Christo from My Swing Evolution is going to show you how to do exactly that. Christo’s rebuilt his swing from the ground up based on Ben Hogan’s 5 Principles.

It’s not always about swinging harder or steering the shot into the fairway, sometimes it’s the simple principles that will allow you to hit it farther and straighter.

One Response to Hit It Longer & Straighter Series: Consistency & Accuracy

  1. Darryl Duran June 18, 2019 at 12:42 pm #

    Great video……I just watched the series of the golf channel. “Hogan”. Looking at his swing and his fellow competitors you could see the heel come off the ground and produce a beautiful swing tempo.

    Thanks again

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