How to Control Your Putter Face

The single most important element of your putting stroke is your face angle. Ensuring it’s square at impact is essential if you want the ball to start moving on your intended line. Colby covers two drills in today’s video that will help keep you on target. And note he uses a great digital putting aid to measure the face angle so he’s certain it remains square at impact. It’s right here and over 20% off: Putting Caddie PT-30.

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  1. Raymond CHASTEL April 6, 2019 at 12:19 pm #

    LOREN ROBERTS (and other great putters like SEVE BALLESTEROS ) demonstrated the “one hand “driil .It’s very effective to educate your hands .I reality ,your hands must do nothing ,they are there to hold the putter very loosely and give you the “feel “;The stroke is performed by rocking the shouders and the arms swinging pendulum wise ;As said in this video ,it’s the back of the left hand (For righties )which which guides the putter face ;I train by putting with the right arm only,50 putts ,then the left arm only ,50 puts ,then both arms together ,50 puts ,from various distances from 4 to 25 feet .When o he green ,the only thing I care of is the break ,the stroke is on automatic pilot …

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