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Improving Hip Mobility in the Golf Swing

Mark Williamson, The Golf Yogi, is back with 4 exercises that will improve your hip mobility. Make no mistake about it… mobile hips make golfing MUCH easier. So grab a box of dozen golf balls or a book and watch this video. Each drill will train you to disassociate your upper and lower body by keeping the chest and shoulders square while opening and closing your hips. All are great warm up drills before your round and will loosen up your hips.

One Response to Improving Hip Mobility in the Golf Swing

  1. Brian Anderson February 20, 2020 at 8:56 am #

    I fine that when doing the standing moves, it seems to ‘work’ the balance aspect more if I have soft sole slippers on or just stockings. My shoes seem to give more support.

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