How to Shoot in the 80’s: Flush Your Irons

Hey Quite The Chap here for GolfersRX. Welcome to the How to Shoot in the 80’s series in the 60 Second Series, where today we’re going to learn how to flush our irons.

A flushed iron, whether it’s a 9 iron or a 5 iron, is nothing short of majestic. Unfortunately, we tend to hit a lot of unmajestic shots that come off the toe or the heel or three grooves lower than required and end up nowhere near our target. Here is a drill that’s going to help us find the sweet spot more often…which is going to lead to more consistency.

– Start with your 8 or 9 iron
– Now instead of taking your full swing make a half swing
– What I want to really focus on is completing my follow through to a full balanced position.
– All my weight has been transferred
– I’m facing your target with not just my hips but my shoulders as well
– And I’m standing tall and balanced

Now caution…this does not mean to slow your swing down. I still want to fire through the impact zone all the way to a completed finish.

Once you start wearing out the sweet spot on your club with that drill, extend your swing to 3/4 and continue on.

This exercise is going to help you find the sweet spot more often but it’s really about consistency. You’re ball flight is going to be more consistent, direction and distance…and that’s how you hit more greens in regulation.

Until next time, keep it simple!

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  1. B A June 28, 2020 at 7:40 am #

    This is a good drill. I actually use this as a shot on the course (by also shortening the club) for more control on shorter shots.

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