How to Shoot in the 80’s: Putting Distance Control

Hey Quite The Chap here for golfersRX. In our second installation of How to Break 80 Series in the 60 Second series, we’re going to move a little further away from the hole and work on Distance Control.

Distance control doesn’t just apply to the long bombs we find ourselves faced with. It also pertains to the closer putts.

Have you ever hit a 6 foot put and had 4 feet coming? Anyone else? Yeah it happens.

Here is a fantastic drill you can use to help you dial in your distance control from any length…no hole required.

– Put a tee in the green.
– Measure out two putter Grip lengthS
– Put a tee in the ground
– Do this four more times
– You should end up with a square with a single tee in the middle
– Start putting to the middle tee making sure you get your ball past the tee but not past the outer tees

It’s been said that a well paced put will roll out 18 inches past the hole so the fact that our grips are roughly 12 inches is perfect.

The great thing about this drill is that you can do it from any angle, from any length, anywhere on the green, you don’t have to worry about a free hole.

Start close to the hole and then slowly start to work your way back. You’re going to find that putting to a “safe zone” will help in your distance control.

Until next time, keep it simple.

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  1. B A March 28, 2020 at 10:03 am #

    I like this drill and will try it when we get out again. Nice and simple.

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