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So What is Lag and Why is it So Important?

Simply put, lag is a source of leverage and is one of the most important factors of speed in the golf swing.

Lag is the ability of the golfer’s clubhead to stay behind the hands in the downswing and into the proper release point of the swing.

Creating lag is the hidden move in the golf swing that ALL powerful hitters have, turning a seemingly smooth and rhythmic motion into impressive clubhead speed.

The longer you preserve this lag, the more speed you can generate and the farther the ball will go when you do finally release the club through impact.

Many amateurs release the lag too soon by unhinging their wrists, which lead to all kinds of problems in the golf swing including fat shots, thin shots, loss of distance, slices and shanks.

Little or No Lag Causes Serious Swing Problems…

The scoop: kills power and drastically effects contact consistency.

The Chicken Wing: Results in poor contact, slices and a significant lack of distance.

Falling back on finish: if you're not finishing on your lead leg, you're bleeding power from your shot

So How Do You Generate Lag in Your Swing?

It All Starts with The Lag Stick Swing Trainer

This game-changing training aid has made golf FUN again for thousands of amateurs all over the world, giving them an easier way to hit longer, straighter, more powerful shots and lower their scores in the fastest possible time.

This simple and effective training aid will show you how to make a descending strike with forward lean and compression – the EXACT fundamentals needed to improve your impact and ball striking.

Now, instead of hitting and hoping with any one of your shots, you’ll set up with ultimate confidence, knowing you will be able to effortlessly hit the ball longer, more accurately and more consistently with the Lag Stick.

Improve Your Game Instantly with The Lag Stick…

Maximize Your Distance

Make Your swing smoother and more efficient

Create forward shaft lean for TONS of compression

Take a divot after the ball

Create monster backspin that grabs the green

Start shaving strokes from your scorecard like magic

Create Explosive Lag in 3 Simple Steps…

Step 1: The Takeaway

Halfway back, hinge your wrists and set the club on plane.

The Lag Stick rod will extend when you’re in the correct position.

Step 2: The Downswing

On your downswing, you’ll focus on swinging the rod tip past your lead leg and pointing it towards the target. This will ensure on-plane delivery with a ton of lag.

Step 3: Impact

The end result is compression. A powerful impact position with consistent contact – just like the best ballstrikers in the world.

And the Best Part?

The Lag Stick works with Any Club!

The Lag Stick works with in any one of your clubs from your driver to the lob wedge. Installing it takes less than a minute!

Take it to the range and hit balls while using the Lag Stick and receive instant feedback while practicing. You will immediately feel and see how to be a consistent ball striker.

The Lag stick also works for ALL golfers, from beginners to scratch players, no matter what your swing style or shape might be.

How does THAT sound?

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The Secret to Tour-Quality Shots

…it’s a LOT Easier than You Think

When you watch the PGA pros, you see many different swings. For example, Bubba Watson’s swing has little in common with Tiger Woods’. Same with Jim Furyk and Ernie Els, or Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino. The list goes on and on.

However, what all of these swings DO have in common is this: They produce outstanding results. Regardless of their swing style or shape, their impact condition is consistent, repetitive, and successful.

And getting into this impact position is exactly what the Lag Stick teaches you.

This swing aid doesn’t give a rip about your swing style or shape. It’s been designed so you intuitively teach yourself how to deliver the "sweet spot" of the club to the ball like an expert ball striker.

You’ll Get Instant Feedback for Lightning-Fast Improvement…

Once you swing the club with the Lag Stick a few times, you'll discover what it takes to get into that impact position – and you’ll find yourself doing it over and over again… transferring your weight properly and keeping the club handle forward for downward strikes-and jaw-dropping shots.

After that, it’s as simple as removing the Lag Stick and swinging your own clubs.

The same feel and movement will be there, ingrained in your muscle memory and ready to fire at will. Just swing away and watch your shots DAZZLE your playing partners!

No More Embarrassing Yourself in Front of Your Buddies…

Think of it… no more scooping… no more flipping… no more chicken wing… no more fall back on the finish… no more embarrassing moments on the 18th hole with everyone on the clubhouse patio, watching… no "more blow-up" holes where your great round is sabotaged by poor impact (and the snowman that results from it).

No more feeling like you’re digging your hole deeper every time you play, trying desperately to figure out what’s wrong but never seeing the answer.

With the Lag Stick, you’ll finally HAVE the answer! And right now, you can get your hands on your very own Lag Stick for the lowest possible price…

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Right now is the absolute BEST time to get your hands on a Lag Stick…

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BONUS Video Training Series:

Leverage, Lag, and Lean

The Digital Video Training Program from PGA Teaching Professional and Lag Stick founder Paul Dickinson will help you speed up the improvement of your ball striking and add distance to your game.

Watch these power-packed videos from the range or the course with your digital access to the GolfersRx Online Training Center.

You’ll be able to watch any of the above videos right from your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer at home.

That means instant lessons whenever you need them most. And it’s all included as part of your package when you take advantage of this amazing deal!

Thousands of Golfers Just Like You are Experiencing the Game‑Changing Power of The Lag Stick…

Bob R. - 15 Handicap

Crisp Contact and Consistent Divot for the Very First Time!

I have used the lag stick for the past week at the range and home trying to get some sort of muscle memory involved. Like anything new it was a little different in the beginning. I played 9 on Tuesday and for the first time I had a consistent divot and the contact was crisp.

Greg S. - 10 Handicap

So much more Snap and Compression!

I always knew I could hit a golf ball with lag but wasn't sure how to hit with lag on a regular basis. I couldn’t find the answer until I began using the lag stick. Now I strike the ball with so much more snap and compression all the time. Now my ball flight rises as it heads down the fairway like the pros. Thank you!

John C. - 30 Handicap

My shots are going straighter and farther than ever. Thank you Lag Stick!

Wow! I received the Lag Stick as a gift recently and it has helped me take my golf game to a completely higher level. I’m hitting the ball correctly for the first time in my life and my shots are going straighter and farther than ever! Thank you Lag Stick for helping me go from a duffer to a legitimate golfer in such a remarkably short period of time. Bottom line: The Lag Stick is easy to use, and, most importantly, it works!

Steve C. - 19 Handicap

I got immediate feedback confirming my weakness

I’ve struggled with casting the club for over 10 years. On my first swing using The Lag Stick I got immediate feedback confirming my weakness. I’ve been working with The Lag Stick regularly and can now swing the club without casting it along with taking a divot and compressing the ball consistently!

Great training aid, Thanks!

Amy L. - 4 Handicap

I finally understand the sequence of the golf swing!!!

The Lag Stick has finally showed me how to compress the ball consistently. I now take a divot after the ball. I finally understand the sequence of the golf swing!!! It also has made me understand many concepts I have heard of but could not comprehend.

Rich E. - 14 Handicap

The message was clear, and I'm hitting cleaner than ever

The first couple of swings with The Lag Stick the message was clear. It teaches you to keep your hands moving down the line ahead of the club head. It not only helped me hit crisp iron shots, it also taught me to hit clean chips.

And of course, it's backed by our...

Rock Solid, You’ll-Hit-Better-Shots-or-You-Don’t‑Pay

Money-Back Guarantee

That’s right — we’re backing this up with a rock-solid money back guarantee…

Test drive the Lag Stick for 30 full days. Put it through the paces. Take it to the range and see how it can quickly and easily change you and your golf swing into a more fluid, more powerful ball striking machine.

And if you don’t see a significant improvement in your shot making, and you’re not nailing it on the sweet spot more often for bigger distance accuracy, and consistency, simply send it back and we’ll refund every penny (less shipping, handling, and restocking fee). But to be honest, it’s not really a "leap" at all.

Because once you get the Lag Stick in your hands, YOU’LL be doing all the leaping… every time you hit another blast straight down the fairway and directly to the green.

So you see, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t join the thousands of other golfers who have gotten game-changing results from the Lag Stick…

You ready to get started now?

YES! I want to discover the correct way to get tour‑quality impact, and start hitting the ball further and more consistently with the Lag Stick.

I understand that I’m guaranteed to get better in the next 30 days or you will refund me 100% of my payment less shipping, handling and restocking fee upon return of the training aid.

Here’s what I’ll get: The Lag Stick and the Leverage, Lag & Lean Online Video Digital Training Series. This online training series is INCLUDED with my purchase of a Lag Stick today! This game-changing training program is geared for golfers that want to take their game and ball striking to the next level.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Meet the Inventor

Paul Dickinson has been successfully teaching and playing professionally for the past 20 years. He was a 3 time all American in college and a member of the nationwide tour in 2003.

For the past ten years he has spent most of his time on the range and course helping others improve their games.

After thousands of hours watching people struggle to ascertain the technique of a great ball striker, he took it upon himself to develop an aid that would allow an individual to see and feel what it is like to compress a golf ball on a regular basis.

"The difference between a great ball striker and the average player is the ability to maintain lag on the downswing while keeping the club on plane. The average player loses their lag way too soon on the downswing, thus making it difficult to keep the club on plane. I could not find an aid that accomplished maintaining lag and swinging on plane, so I built one myself.

"Welcome to THE LAG STICK! And a more enjoyable experience on the golf course.”

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