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Increase Lateral Movement in the Golf Swing

What’s up GolfersRx! Mark Williamson, The Golf Yogi, is back with 3 INDOOR golf exercises to help your lateral movement. Yes, there is lateral movement in the golf swing and Mark’s not referring to swaying or sliding.

Simply shifting weight from the left leg to the right and through to the finish position. Working that lateral movement will lead to a more comfortable and powerful golf swing.

Each of these indoor golf training exercises will help you get loaded into the right side of the golf swing and then fire all the way through to the finish position. You may remember one of the drills from your younger days playing basketball.

One Response to Increase Lateral Movement in the Golf Swing

  1. PJ Giammaria April 23, 2020 at 9:17 am #

    My pelvis on the right side moves up on me and I have to go to a chiro to get adjusted. Any yoga exercises I can do to fix it? I’m not always someplace to find a chiro.

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