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If you don’t have real-time swing feedback, then developing a consistent, repeatable golf swing that works…


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Despite Spending Thousands on Golf Improvement…

Many amateurs still keep swinging unsuccessfully the same way over and over.

Golfers need to be able to practice independently with real‑time analysis.

They need to see HOW they are actually swinging the club WHILE they are actually swinging the club.

And not only that, when they execute their swing improperly, golfers need to see where and how they went off course – right in that exact moment – so they can make the necessary adjustments.

Watching a swing recording hours after the fact just isn’t getting the job done.

To really improve your swing, you need instant, live feedback.
And now, finally, you can have it – any time you want.

Introducing The Portable Golf Studio That Fits Right in Your Pocket…

Live View Pro


The idea of practicing your golf swing in front of a mirror is probably almost as old as golf.

The self-awareness that comes from seeing yourself – and connecting the objective image with a kinetic feeling – is invaluable in accelerating and re-enforcing the learning of a new skill.

But the Live View Pro isn’t just any old mirror.
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Mirror Yourself for Faster Learning

The Digital Swing Mirror (DSM™) technology provides instant visual feedback – just like a real mirror – to match your body movements. This feedback links the visual and physical movements to create accurate kinesthetic feedback for dramatically accelerated learning.

Your Live View Pro wirelessly connects to your phone or tablet, so you can watch your swing as it happens – and review, record, and replay each swing right there on the spot.

See Your Game From Every Angle

Better than a mirror, Live View Pro can be placed anywhere, to monitor your swing from any angle.

Use it indoors or outdoors, at the range or on the fairway. Mount it on a stand or clip it to your golf bag.

Live View Pro isn’t just for maxing out your tee shot, either – you can watch and review every part of your game, like you’ve never seen it before.

“It’s like having eyes in the back of your head”

Powerful Video Coaching Tools

The Live View Pro app allows you to draw coaching guides right onto your screen, so you have a clear reference to direct every single swing.

You can use lines to indicate the correct swingplane, posts to track your head and body movements, and circles to learn stable head position through all phases of your swing.

Once you draw your guidelines, they’ll remain constant and stationary with every practice swing – and they’re automatically transferred to your recorded videos.

You can even save your favorite guides as templates for fast recall during your next practice session.

Automatic Replay & Swing Detection

LiveView’s DSM™ can automatically record every swing during your practice session.

Using proprietary technology, the LiveView app records 2 seconds prior and 2 seconds after ball impact to provide your full swing sequence.

You can even turn on Instant Slow-Motion Replay! Swings can be set to play back automatically in slow motion to give you an even clearer picture of what is happening in your swing.

Easy as 1-2-3… No Fuss Setup & Use

Wireless Convenience

Live View Pro is completely wireless. With no cables to plug in or wires to wrangle, you’re free to place the camera anywhere you want.

No Internet Required

Live View Pro connects directly to your tablet or smartphone using its own WiFi, so internet is NOT required for operation.

Light Weight & High Power

At under 3.4 oz, it still packs over 2 hours of continuous use in its battery, so you can get a full practice in without having to stop and recharge.

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The Coach That Stays With You Even When You’re at Home

Because LiveView Pro lets you see and correct your pure swing mechanics, you don’t even have to hit a ball to identify and fix swing problems.

You can practice anytime, anywhere – without making the trip to the driving range or worrying about weather conditions.

Instead, you can keep working in your golf swing, day or night, rain or shine, even just a few minutes at a time.

In fact, for training muscle memory, it’s even beneficial to have lots of short practice sessions throughout the day to help you deeply ingrain the correct swing feel.

With a solid muscle memory, that new swing feel will be there for you reliably when you finally get back out to play.

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Right now is the absolute BEST time to get your hands on a LiveView Pro…

Right now is the absolute BEST time to get your hands on a LiveView Pro.

We’ve secured an exclusive deal for GolfersRx readers – order the LiveView Pro today and we’ll also send you two premium accessories. A $78 value – yours free!

We’ve managed to secure a limited number of LiveView Pros at a heavily reduced price, and we’re passing those savings on to our readers.

The retail price for the LiveView Pro is $349 – but on this page, you can get your LiveView Pro for the GolfersRx exclusive price of just $299. That’s $50 off – and the lowest price available anywhere.


We’ve also secured discounted pricing on the two most popular LiveView accessories…

Telescoping Smartpole

LivePod 2

LivePod 2 gives you the most flexibility for your LiveView training system while maintaining simple and efficient portability.

This telescoping smartpole stands over 3 feet tall when fully extended, but collapses to under 12 inches for compact travel.

LivePod 2 simplifies camera positioning by creating a stable mounting base that can be moved easily during practice.

The tripod screw mount is attached via a ball-and-socket joint that tilts up to 90° – perfect for putting practice.

Regularly $49 — Yours Free!

Bluetooth Touch Remote

LiveView SmartRemote

The LiveView SmartRemote is designed to work with the LiveView App to create a manual recording trigger with instant replay. This is useful if the sound trigger doesn’t work due to false triggers from background noise, or if the impact sound is weak or soft.

Just larger than a quarter, this Bluetooth remote can be a helpful accessory when your local driving range gets noisier than usual, or when you’re practicing with a quiet putter.

Regularly $29 — Yours Free!

And of course, your entire order is backed by our...

Rock Solid, You’ll-Hit-Better-Shots-or-You-Don’t‑Pay

Money-Back Guarantee

That’s right — we’re backing this up with a rock-solid money back guarantee…

Test drive LiveView Pro for 30 full days. Put it through the paces. Take it to the range and see how it can quickly and easily change you and your golf swing into a more fluid, more powerful ball striking machine.

And if you don’t see a significant improvement in your shot making, and you’re not nailing it on the sweet spot more often for bigger distance accuracy, and consistency, simply send it back and we’ll refund every penny (less shipping, handling, and restocking fee). But to be honest, it’s not really a "leap" at all.

Because once you get LiveView Pro in your hands, YOU’LL be doing all the leaping… every time you hit another blast straight down the fairway and directly to the green.

So you see, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t join the thousands of other golfers who have gotten game-changing results from LiveView Pro…

You ready to get started now?

YES! I want to unlock the power of real‑time swing feedback, and start hitting the ball more consistently with LiveView Pro.

I understand that I’m guaranteed to get better in the next 30 days or you will refund me 100% of my payment less shipping, handling and restocking fee upon return.

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3x Golf-Digest Award-winner

For the third year in a row, Golf Digest has named the LiveView camera the Best Video Camera for Golfers.

The device—commonly recognized as the golf studio that fits in your pocket—was recognized by Golf Digest in 2017, 2018 and 2019. LiveView Sports has diligently maintained their position at the front of the pack with continuous updates and constant innovation.

This year – it’s all about the camera. The technology of the camera itself is charging ahead. This year’s Editor’s Choice winner, LiveView+Plus, made mirror image video a more effective training tool than ever with a video delay of less than half a second and video speed of 60 frames per second for the most detailed slow motion playback possible.

Now, the all-new LiveView Pro camera includes a larger-than-ever lens and sensor to maximize light input in indoor settings. The device also features a built-in wide angle lens so golfers have a full view of their swing even in more confined spaces.

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