Make More Birdies. Or Pars!

Mr. Shortgame demonstrates how to make more birdies in practice so we can make more birdies on the course.

It’s hard to recreate the pressure that we sometimes feel on the golf course. But Mr. Shortgame has a strategy and drill that definitely applies the pressure. The great thing about this drill is that it puts us in a real on-course frame of mind. We have to make the putts!

What this does in turn, is that it forces us to go through our regular routine. Or it encourages us to develop a regular routine if we don’t have one. As we work out way through completion of this drill, we’ll have the confidence to take our skill to the course.

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One Response to Make More Birdies. Or Pars!

  1. Andy Mark December 5, 2019 at 4:34 am #

    The GREAT Mr. Shortgame. No one better. Simple, fun, entertaining, and very instructional. I would so love to play a round with him and knock down a couple of beers. It would be a great day even if I shot 95.

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