Master the Flop Shot

Your approach shot came up short. You’re faced with a challenging chip into a tight short-side pin. Bump and run isn’t an option. Many will chicken-out at this point to avoid a high-risk flop shot. But no one ever saves par this way. See how Paul uses our new favorite training aid – The Chip Fix – to master the flop shot with the exact attack angle needed to land it safely by the hole.

We secured a discount on this aid that is brand new to the market. Be sure to check it out: Develop a Perfect Chip Shot

One Response to Master the Flop Shot

  1. Fran August 16, 2019 at 12:58 pm #

    Wish you would have shown from 90 degree angle facing you. This video does help explain value of aid. Didn’t see you hit from inside aid. Also video cut off before you could see result of your shot!

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