How Well Do You Know the Rules of Golf?

These scenarios can trick even the most seasoned golfers - take the quiz to find out your Golf IQ.

On the fairway, your ball lands against a pile of loose soil, making it difficult to take a clean swing.

What's the correct play?

Brush the soil aside without penalty, it's a loose impediment.

Hit the shot without moving the soil.

As your opponent is getting ready for his approach shot, you tell him that he should go up a club. He agrees and changes clubs.

What's the penalty?

Two stroke penalty against your opponent for taking advice during a round.

Two stroke penalty against you for giving advice during a round.

No penalty.

When can a player decide his ball is unplayable?

Anywhere on the course.

Anywhere except for bunkers.

Anywhere except for water hazards.

Anywhere except for bunkers or water hazards.

Your ball is on the fairway, and you take a practice swing.

You accidentally tap the ball and it rolls a few feet forward. What happens next?

You made a stroke and must now play the ball as it lies.

You get a penalty of one stroke, and must replace the ball.

There is no stroke and no penalty, but you must replace the ball.

Your ball lands next to a small ivy branch that has grown onto the edge of the fairway. Can you move it aside?


Yes, as long as you don't break or remove the plant.


You find your ball in some long grass. You bend it aside so you can see the ball during your stroke. What is the ruling?

No penalty is incurred.

You get a one stroke penalty.

You get a two stroke penalty.

Your ball lands at the edge of a water hazard. There's a discarded plastic bottle alongside your ball. What is the penalty for moving the bottle?

No penalty is incurred.

You get a one stroke penalty.

You get a two stroke penalty.

The flagstick has been removed from the hole and laid on the green.

You take a long putt, and as your ball approaches the hole, your partner moves the flag out of the way so your ball doesn't hit the stick.

What is the ruling?

No penalty is incurred.

You get a two stroke penalty.

Your partner gets a two stroke penalty.

Your ball lands in the rough, next to another players' ball.

You can rotate either ball to identify it, without marking the ball first. True or false?



After your approach shot, your opponent is seen looking into your bag to see which club you used. What is the ruling?

No penalty.

Your opponent gets a two stroke penalty.

Your opponent is disqualified.

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