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Add 20+ Yards to Your Drive, Without Changing Your Swing

If your name isn’t Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson or Phil Mickelson...

Then Why Are You Using a Driver That Was Designed for Them?

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It’s a no-brainer when you think about it…

If You’re Not a Tour Pro, Then Why Are You Playing a Driver That’s Designed for a Pro’s Swing?

The fact is that most popular drivers were engineered specifically for tour golfers — to get the most out of their insane swing speeds and superhuman precision.

(Not to mention getting those drivers in front of the millions of people watching the tour.)

So if you’re one of the 90% of amateur golfers with a swing speed under 100MPH, then these big-name drivers just aren’t right for you.

Sure, you’ll get something out of that pro-level driver…

But it’s always going to be too heavy, too stiff, and too unforgiving for your swing.

And because of this, your drives will always be shorter, lower, and less accurate than they could be.

Until Now.

You Can Instantly Add Extra Yards to Your Swing, Just By Using the Right Driver For Your Swing

When the engineers at Speed System Golf drilled into the stats, they found that 90% of golfers have a carry distance under 255 yards, and a swing speed of under 100 miles per hour.

The main problem? Weight.

Even with custom-fit, high-flex shafts… even with higher loft… the big‑name drivers were just too heavy for 90% of golfers to swing effectively.

So the team got to work, building and testing prototype drivers that were optimized specifically for the amateur golfer’s swing.

In the end, it all came down to basic physics: if you can swing the club faster, you can launch the ball further.

After dozens of prototypes and thousands of tests, the team finally found the perfect design for the amateur golfer - a design that instantly added 16.5 additional yards compared to big-name drivers.

That’s Right – 16½ Extra Carry Yards, Just By Changing The Driver.

“With the majority of golfers, their shot is low, and their shot is to the right. With the Speed System Driver, it hit higher and it hit straighter. Those are the two major results that I believe resulted in the increase in distance.”
Gene Parente — President, Golf Laboratories

So What’s The Secret to Unlocking Distance Without Changing Your Swing?

A Driver Built From The Ground Up Specifically For The Amateur Golf Swing!

This complete driver redesign allowed the team to fine-tune every last detail for maximum distance from the amateur golfer’s swing:

Clubhead Weighting & Characteristics

Effective Loft & Face Angle

Shaft Dynamics & Kick Point

Overall Weight & Swing Weight

Even the grip!

When you use the Speed System Driver, you’ll get more clubhead speed, longer drives, a higher launch angle, and a greater flight trajectory.

More Than Just Distance

The perfect driver for amateur golfers doesn’t just add distance, it also adds accuracy.

During their experiments, the team also perfected their Off Center Hit Correction Technology (OHCT).

OHCT combines head COG (center of gravity) with bulge and roll to create maximum forgiveness and directional correction on off-center hits.

This ensures a minimal loss of distance and direction when the club is hit off-center!

And When You Order Today, We'll Also Send You…


Designed to Squeeze Even More Yardage Out of Your Swing

Bonus GIFT #1

The Perfect Golf Balls For The Amateur Swing

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Tour pros always match their drivers to their golf balls to get the most out of them, and now you can too.

The Speed Zone team designed these unique compression-matched golf balls to match the perfectly match the specifications of the Speed System club.

These golf balls were designed with a slightly lower spin-rate off of the driver compared to other balls on the market.

And they’re not only built for maximum driver performance, but to handle beautifully with wedges and irons as well.

In fact, the Speed System golf balls tested longer than the #1 tour ball… with almost the exact same spin rate off of a 6 iron and pitching wedge.

These custom golf balls add another 2½ yards of distance off the tee!

And speaking of tees…

You’ll Squeeze Out Another 2 Yards with…

Bonus GIFT #2

The Perfect Tees For The Amateur Swing

Regulary $9.99 — FREE with your order today!

During testing, the team discovered that by reducing friction at impact, you can slightly reduce spin.

And less spin correlates to increased distance.

While this distance gain is typically seen only by players that have a negative attack angle with their driver, the Speed System Team was able to create the same spin reduction for all players — by designing a new type of golf tee.

The Speed System Spring-Loaded tee helps minimize club head resistance and ensure proper flex at impact.

Plus, the tee surface has a friction reduction coating that helps reduce spin.

Testing showed an increase of up to 2 yards with this tee alone!

When you combine the Speed System Driver, Golf Ball, and Spring-Loaded Tees…

That’s a Total of up to 21 Extra Yards, Instantly!

With gains like that, you might imagine that amatuer golfers are thrilled with the Speed System. And you’d be right.

Here’s What Players Are Saying…

I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It

“With the Speed System — it’s incredible, I’m hitting it 17 yards farther. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it happened instantaneously.”
Don Urban Speed Silver

I Couldn’t Believe It

“I couldn't believe how I was just crushin this ball. I hit this drive 27 yards further than my other drives. It is the best driver I've ever hit with, by far.”
Paul Sigler Speed Black

Ridiculously More Distance

“With the Speed System, I just got ridiculously more distance — 20 plus yards. It works”
Luke Helms Speed Blue

This Will Really Help My Game

“The speed gold allowed me to hit 20 yards further than I usually do – that’ll really help my game.”
Ken Matsushita Speed Gold

The Results Speak for Themselves

“Compared to what I paid for my driver, and the fact that the result speak for themselves, it's a great value.”
Luke Helms Speed Black

I’ve Never Hit Anything Like It

“The combination of the driver, the ball and the tee was… dramatic. I hit the ball 17 yards further on my first swing.”
Bill Glickauf Speed Gold

Massive Drives at a Massive Discount

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Order Today:

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That’s right — we’re backing this up with a rock-solid money back guarantee…

Test drive The Speed System Driver for a full 30 days. Put it through the paces. Take it to the range and see how it can INSTANTLY transform your drive.

And if you don’t see a significant improvement in your drives, and you’re not drilling the ball further than ever before – simply send it back and we’ll refund every penny (less shipping, handling, and restocking fee).

So you see, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t join the thousands of other golfers who have gotten game-changing results from The Speed System Driver…

You ready to get started now?

YES! I Want to Unlock the Power of The Speed System Driver and Start Blasting The Ball 20 Yards Longer!

I understand that I’m guaranteed to hit longer drives or you will refund me 100% of my payment less shipping, handling and restocking fee upon return.

Speed System Driver + Bonus Gifts

Your Order Includes:

Ultrapremium Lightweight Driver
12× Compression-Matched Golf Balls
2× Spring-Loaded Golf Tees
Premium Headcover
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Retail Price: $349.95

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these speed-boosting products legal for play?

Everything in your package today is USGA-approved equipment designed to get the maximum distance out of the amateur golfer’s swing.

The components are:

1. An ultralight, high-performance driver tuned specifically to get the maximum possible distance from the player’s swing speed.

2. Compression-matched golf balls that complement the player’s swing speed and driver for maximum distance and tee-to-green performance.

3. Spring-loaded golf tees that reduce spin and friction to push a few extra yards of distance out of the player’s drive.

How Do I Know Which Speed Zone to Choose?

The Speed Zone is our proprietary method of finding the perfect driver for your swing.

There are three ways to determine your Speed Zone. You just need to know your typical swing speed, or carry distance, or the shaft flex that you currently use.

The 4 Speed Zones:

Silver: If your swing speed is under 70MPH, or your carry distance is under 165 Yards, or your driver shaft is Super Flex, you need a Silver Speed Package.

Gold: If your swing speed is 70–79MPH, or your carry distance is 165–194 Yards, or your driver shaft is Senior/A Flex, you need a Gold Speed Package.

Blue: If your swing speed is 80–89MPH, or your carry distance is 195–225 Yards, or your driver shaft is Regular Flex, you need a Blue Speed Package.

Black: If your swing speed is over 90MPH, or your carry distance is over 225 Yards, or your driver shaft is Stiff Flex, you need a Black Speed Package.

How long before I start seeing noticeable results?

The Speed System team did extensive testing with a robotic swing machine and real amateur golfers. In every case, the test subjects noticed an increased drive distance immediately. You should expect the same.

Do I need to change my swing?

No, and that’s the true power behind this revolutionary driver. You will hit longer drives instantly, because this driver is built specifically to enhance the amateur player’s distance.

NOTE: The Speed System Driver is not designed for tour-level players. It is designed to give amatuer players tour-level results.

What happens if I don’t hit longer drives with this driver?

In all of their tests, Speed System Golf could not found a single amateur player that didn’t add substantial distance to their drives with the Speed System Driver.

BUT, our players trust GolfersRx to bring meaningful results to their game. We work hard to maintain that trust, which is why we offer a no-questions-asked 30 day guarantee.

You WILL experience longer drives from the tee instantly, or we’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund - less S&H and restocking fee.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are delighted with your order today.

Driver Specifications

Speed Silver



Overall Weight


Overall Length


Speed Gold



Overall Weight


Overall Length


Speed Blue



Overall Weight


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Speed Black



Overall Weight


Overall Length


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