Sure-Set Tip — Control Your Club Face

Let’s reign in our club face to ensure it’s square at impact with the Sure Set. (Grab yours here: Sure Set Training Aid).

Grip the sure set with a 7 iron, as if you’re set up to a ball. Take the club back. The sure set should be tucked into your lead armpit. Complete your backswing. As you start your downswing untwist your lower body. You’re going to notice that your club face is automatically in the correct position when paired up with the sure set.

Do the drill again with just your 7 iron and mimic the same movements as you would with the Sure-Set.

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One Response to Sure-Set Tip — Control Your Club Face

  1. David HUEBER April 20, 2020 at 9:48 am #

    VJ used to practice with a small towel or headcover under his right armpit… would this do the same thing?

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