Michael Duranko & Marty Glass
Golf Therapy

Novelty Club Head Covers used for Puppet Therapy Sessions? Read Now.

Michael Duranko & Marty Glass
Knee Drop Rule

Golf balls must be dropped from knee height when taking relief. Read Now.

Quite The Chap
How to Play a Mud Ball

Learn how to deal with mud on your ball Read Now.

Matt Fisher
PreShot Driver Drill

This PreShot Driver Drill will help you swing through your tee shot and improve your driver distance. Read Now.

Matt Fisher
The Bunker Drill – Sand Scoop

The Bunker Drill - Sand Scoop is a practice technique that will help you gain confidence in the bunker and condition you to follow through on every bunker shot. Read Now.

Your GolfersRX Caddie
Tip 4 – Healthy Breakfast – Start Your Day Right

Keep it Simple when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast. The Golf Yogi eats breakfast at home, so he knows what ingredients he is consuming. Read Now.

Your GolfersRX Caddie
Tip 3 – Stretch & Meditate – Start Your Day Right

Stretching is important to your Golf Fitness program.  You will improve flexibility and hit the ball farther when you stretch your muscles.<br /> Read Now.

Your GolfersRX Caddie
Tip 2 – Eat Your Greens Outside – Start Your Day Right

The Golf Yogi begins his day by getting all of his fruits and vegetables consumed with a supplement to his Orange Juice. Read Now.

Your GolfersRX Caddie
Tip 1 – The Bedroom – Start Your Day Right

Every day starts in the bedroom, and that is where the Golf Yogi starts. Here are two simple tips, hydrate and make your bed! Read Now.

Your GolfersRX Caddie
Overview – Start Your Day Right

This is a series of videos to help you START YOUR DAY RIGHT from the Golf Yogi at GolfersRx. Read Now.