You Can Add up to 13 Yards to Your Drive Simply by Changing Your Insoles

I know this sounds crazy, but…

You Can Add up to 13 Yards to Your Drive Simply by Changing Your Insoles

Which means you could very likely be BOOMING them past your buddies without spending another dime on fancy equipment or time-consuming lessons.

Now of course these are not the same insoles you’ll find in standard golf shoes.

These are VOXX HPT Insoles… and they will take your game to a place it’s never been before.

Watch the video below to see how this revolutionary Human Performance Technology gives you increased power during every round.

VOXX HPT Insoles
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The Science is Proven. The Results are Extraordinary.

Simply put, VOXX HPT (Human Performance Technology) naturally stimulates neuroreceptors in your body to:
Increase Energy
Increase Strength & Endurance
Increase Stability & Balance
Reduce Pain
Increase Range of Motion
Improve Reaction Time
Improve Brain Health

VOXX HPT was discovered after 45 years of research in several neurological fields. It was all combined to create an entire new way of optimizing wellness and performance.

By studying the latest research in sensory mechanoreceptors mapping, the team at VoxxLife was able to draw correlations between different sensory receptors, the peripheral nervous system and the functionality of the brainstem.

If you’re still with us, here’s what you really need to key in on:

The Science is proven.

Numerous studies have been done to qualify the impact this technology can have on just about every sport and day to day life, but it’s the golf study we’re going to focus on today.

There was a double-blind study performed on golfers for distance and accuracy improvements and the results were astounding.

And It Goes Well Beyond Golf…

Meet the Voxx Medical Board

Dr. Joseph Baldino, DC

A graduate from National University of Health Sciences earning his Doctorate in Chiropractic to add on to his triple majors in biology. Dr. Baldino combines 15 years of clinical experience with over 1000 hours in post-graduate studies in clinical rehabilitative neurology, vestibular, concussion and TBI rehabilitation.

Dr. Baldino is the founder of Integrative Neurology and Athletic Performance in Illinois where he focuses his practice on these studies.

Dr. Mark DeBrincat, DC

A natural health doctor specializing in holistic health solutions to optimize performance, health and well-being. Having survived a near fatal head on collision that left him in a wheelchair, Dr. DeBrincat knows what is possible when we provide the body with the tools it needs to heal itself naturally.

Dr. DeBrincat specializes in brain health and providing neurofeedback therapy to his patients in a home setting where they are most comfortable and relaxed.

Dr. Anne R. Meyer, MD

Dr. Meyer understands that medicine is a science and healing is an art. Hence her philosophy, “Enhancing your health through nutrition, exercise and integrative treatments.”

She served as Chief Resident in the UCLA/VA Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program. She later served at Cedars-Sinai as Clinical Chief in the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

She is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where she teaches medical students and residents.

Gary Vitti MS, ATC, CES, PES

Gary Vitti has worked in the health care field for 40 years – including 32 years as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Vitti’ s work has been recognized and awarded by the 26th US Senate District, the 35th US Congressional District, the City of Los Angeles, the California Legislature, US Naval Medical Center of San Diego, Southern Connecticut State University, Philippine Sports Commission, NBATA, Loyola Athletics, Teamheal, The West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation, STR Basket Italia, the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and the Stamford Old Timers Athletic Association.

Dr. Sean Drake, DC

Dr. Drake is the Performance Director at Titleist Performance Institute.

He holds numerous professional certifications including Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) from the American Academy of Chiropractic Sports Physicians, Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and specializes in performance for athletes.

Dr. Alex Vidan, DC

Dr. Vidan uses his degree in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University, and his Human Biology degree from Logan to encourage natural methods of achieving and maintaining overall health and wellness to his patients.

These degrees are also very helpful when caring for athletes. Dr. Vidan was a team physician for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2010 and during their 2011 World Championship season.

Listen to what these Golfers Have to Say About The VOXX HPT Difference

“I’ve had my pair of Voxx socks since April this year and I’ve used them over and over again! Once it come to my golf game, I knew the difference! I get more balanced and hit my golf ball further.”

“Since using my inserts, my vitality, performance, and power factors have increased. I’m not as tired after playing golf. Yesterday I drove a 280 yard par four to within seven feet of the hole and made an eagle 2. Three holes later a 489 yard par five I had 204 yards left after my drive and hit it to 4.5 feet and made another eagle 3. I’m 68 years old and 162 pounds, and I have always been long off the tee… but this was ridiculous.

More importantly, I simply am feeling even happier and more vital. If it’s not the inserts, it’s the Grace of God. I’m so pleased.”

“My husband always shoots low 80’s in golf. He wasn’t a believer in the technology, but I convinced him to try.

He ended up shooting a 72! He was so happy and had energy all day. I told him to share his golf secret with his friends, but he said he didn’t want to do that or they might beat him.”

“I wore the insoles for my first round of golf and whether or not it was a swing change I made down south – or the actual insoles – I did hit the ball farther than I ever have at Kelowna club! Also I noticed my feet were not as tired and sore from walking the course!!”

“The first weekend I had mine, I was in a college tournament. We walked 36 holes the first day, and 18 on the second. I didn’t feel tired, have sore feet, or anything over those two days while all my playing partners had blisters, sore feet, etc. I also played my 3 best college rounds. Over the duration of the 54 holes, I only missed 5 fairways. I would highly recommend them.”

“I played golf today for the first time with my insoles and I scored my personal best… and my feet aren’t sore at all 👍”

Quality That Can’t Be Beat!

Designed for active lifestyles and athletic activities, VOXX HPT Insoles offer relief from foot pain, increased balance, increased strength, and increased range of motion.

These insoles outperform and offer more benefits than custom orthotics at a fraction of the price, and cushioning that will provide maximum comfort while supporting any athletic activity.

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