Wanna Break 90? Accelerate Through The Sand

Get off the beach!

Hey Quite The Chap here for GolfersRX. I love the beach. I looove the beach, I just don’t want to spend all day there… in today’s video.

Have you ever been standing on the green and watched a playing partner in the bunker take so many swings at the ball that they just pick it up and either throw it on the green or directly into the bush. It happens. When we witness this kind of carnage we’re not amused, we usually have deep deep empathy…why? Cause we’ve been there. And it’s awful.

Here are three tips to help you get out of the bunker:
1. keep more of a square stance (leave the really open stances to the pros…remember we’re trying to break 90)
2. put your more than 50% of your weight on your front foot
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY. This is the most important…accelerate through the ball.

I’ve seen too many amateur spend way too much time in the bunker because their swing stops right about here. Their swing gets fast here…starts to slow here…and a lot of the times stops completely here. Move that clubbed all the way through the ball and finish your swing.

More importantly that just finishing your swing though…accelerate through impact.

Until next time, keep it simple

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