Wanna Break 90? Practice Putting With a Wedge

Smart Golf can save you strokes and lower your score.  Do you play smart Golf?  Why not?

Hey, Quite The Chap here for GolfersRX. Do you jab, slap, hit, spank, poke, waffle, yip your putts? We’ve all spanked a putt haven’t we…in today’s video.

It used to be that if you wanted to shoot low scores your short game was the key, now with new technology and the advance of the strokes gained measurements it’s all about the long game. BUT I’m still a strong believer that the quickest way to lower your scores is to get up and down around the green in fewer strokes. Or you could gain 100lbs and learn how to hit it 400 yards.

There is a simple way to help alleviate this:

Practice putting with your wedge
throw a ball down…whoa whoa…maybe just place a ball down
take your wedge and address the ball like you’re putting
make a stroke but ensure the leading edge makes contact with the belly of the ball

This is going to do multiple things:

  • if stroked properly, you’re going to get the feeling of the ball rolling right off the bat
  • you’re going to have to keep your wedge at a consistent level to hit the belly of the ball (everything just rotates)
  • your hands will be quiet
  • and you’re going to accelerate through the ball

When you go back to making a stroke with your putter you’re going to feel much more confident in making a simple stroke through the ball. Getting the ball rolling right off the putter’s face and into the hole. Practice with a wedge to take the stress out of your putting.

Until next time, keep it simple

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1 Comment

  1. Thomas R Brokl

    August 8, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    Okay, where did you buy the Penfold Golf Balls? I love them!

    I have been doing this drill for years with my 7 & 8 irons. I chip 6-10 balls onto a green, then use the 8 or 7-iron to putt the balls into the hole.

    I find that my short putting on days that I have practiced putting with an iron is always better. So why am I too dumb to remember to do this drill every time I play, I don’t know.


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