When is a Draw really a Hook?

When is a Draw really a Hook is from the Laugh at the Agony column by GolfToons for GolfersRx with an original illustration by Marty Glass.

When is a Draw really a Hook?

There was a time in golf history if you wanted to hit the ball farther, you put a draw on the golf ball.  The ‘overspin or topspin would help the ball to roll out and run down the fairway.  

With technological advancements, clubs are far more forgiving, and the draw is not quite as crucial as it used to be.  But the draw remains a great arrow in anyone’s golfing quiver. And in many circumstances, the ideal shape shot is required.   Hook or Draw.

Many a slicer discovered their first draw by accident while trying to hit a knockdown with a slower, flatter swing.  Though it may have errantly whistled over the fairway into some other hazard, you smirk in appreciation of its elusive beauty. 

When you hit a draw, it just feels good. But like anything of beauty, it has a fickle nature and even the “draw the ball” aficionados know this. Your gentle draw can degrade into hooking. The curve gets wider and wilder. Maddeningly, this phenomenon surfaces in mysterious ways. 


The draw is a controlled shot; the Hook shows up unannounced and can leave just as mysteriously.  Usually, my hook disappears once I have figured out how much to adjust my target. 

At its worse, your gentle curve turns into the dreaded “Duck Hook.” This malady is lower than the draw. It starts ugly, rocketing hard left and bends even further left, usually low and hot.  And the follow-through is equally hideous. 

Homeopathic cures offer little results. Curing a hook is best achieved with the assistance of registered teaching professionals. The Hook Slump can be excruciating, especially when it is persistent.

Any wonder that a significant majority of professionals use the fade?

Snap Hook

No conversation about curvature and ball flight would be complete without mention of the Snap Hook.  Those most often hit this shot with less conventional swings or the self-taught.    

Jack Nicklaus famously shared his strategy of hitting the ball to the center of the green and adding a fade or a draw depending on where the pin is placed.  That might be the best visual for a draw, but not part of most golfer’s capabilities.    

Jack Nicklaus famously suggested hitting the ball to the center of the green and adding a fade or a draw depending on where the pin is placed.  That might be the best visual for a draw, but not part of my plan of attack.

If you need more than a Nicklaus suggestion, Quite the chap Colby has a few drills and tips to help you rid your game of a hook, be it a duck or a snap variety. Check out ‘Rid Your Game of the Snap Hook.’



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