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Secret of Golf Ball Compression

500 microseconds. It's all you got - here's why your golf ball compression has to be spot on. Click here: <a href="https://golfersrx.com/secret-of-golf-ball-compression/">Simple Formula</a> Read Now.

Quite The Chap

Consistency in your tee height may lead to consistency in your ball flight. Watch Now.

Christo Garcia
Hit It Longer & Straighter Series: Your Equipment

Christo gives us some insight into our equipment and how we may be able to improve it. Read Now.

Quite The Chap
How to Control Your Trajectory

It's especially important when you face trees or wind that require you to hit a higher or lower shot than normal. There are a number of small adjustments you can make that will help you control your trajectory. Read Now.

Quite The Chap
Have Clubs, Must Travel (how to protect your clubs)

You may want to take some extra precautions to protect you clubs while traveling! Read Now.

Gene Parente
Wrong Shaft Flex In Your Clubs

What happens if you play with a club(s) that has the wrong flex? Read Now.

Gene Parente
Smash Factor – What is it?

Maximizing launch angle and spin rate numbers can help in achieving a more efficient smash factor. Read Now.

Gene Parente
How Backspin Affects Your Driving Distance

Backspin can have a major impact on the distance of your drives; are you creating enough or too much spin during launch? Read Now.

Gene Parente
Shaft Flex: What’s Right For Your Swing

Shaft flex can have a significant effect with your ball striking, we all know this, but shaft flex can also have an effect on what type of swing you have. Read Now.

Gene Parente
Impact Location for your Irons

Gene from Golf Laboratories talks about ideal impact location for your irons and the best way to achieve it. It will dramatically improve your ball striking and have you hitting in the measured center and the lower third so you can achieve the proper launch and proper spin to maximize your distance. Read Now.