In-depth feature series that will take you from good to great.

60 Second Series

Rapid-fire tips from Quite The Chap that offer simple solutions to your most pressing golf problems – all in sixty seconds or less, or your video is free.

Quite The Chap
Wanna Break 90? Use A Towel To Develop Balance

Balance is the key to a consistent golf swing Watch Now.

Quite The Chap
Hammer Home Those Short Putts

Develop a confident putting stroke Watch Now.

Quite The Chap
Stomp Your Heel For Better Weight Transfer

A simple drill for moving your weight to your lead side Watch Now.

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Start Your Day Right Series

A total, holistic approach to begin your day. These short videos go beyond stretching, yoga, or golf fitness to discuss diet, meal planning, and other healthy habits that will get you off to the best start possible.

Your GolfersRX Caddie
Tip 4 – Healthy Breakfast – Start Your Day Right

Keep it Simple when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast. The Golf Yogi eats breakfast at home, so he knows what ingredients he is consuming. Read Now.

Your GolfersRX Caddie
Tip 3 – Stretch & Meditate – Start Your Day Right

Stretching is important to your Golf Fitness program.  You will improve flexibility and hit the ball farther when you stretch your muscles.<br /> Read Now.

Your GolfersRX Caddie
Tip 2 – Eat Your Greens Outside – Start Your Day Right

The Golf Yogi begins his day by getting all of his fruits and vegetables consumed with a supplement to his Orange Juice. Read Now.

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Stop Slicing Series

The dreaded slice. The banana slice. We don’t like it. So in this 3-part video series, Quite The Chap walks you through the most common faults that lead to a slice… and how to correct it.

Quite The Chap
Stop Slicing Series Part II: The One Piece Takeaway

If you want to stop slicing, you need to stop slashing across the ball and it can all start with your backswing. Read Now.

Quite The Chap
Stop Slicing Series (part one): Transfer Your Weight

If you want to stop slicing, you need to make sure that you transfer your weight to your FRONT foot. Read Now.

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