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Don’t Sway in Your Golf Swing

Stop the sway and you'll minimize chunked and thinned shots


You deserve to play your best golf, and we want to help you! We know you work hard in learning and understanding the game, yet you don’t always see the rewards or the progress you’d like.

That’s why we brought together some of the best and brightest minds in all facets of the game — just for you. And, here’s some great news we want to share:

Your game is about to get much better

Our experts have affected the lives of tens of thousands of golfers over the years and they are now achieving lower scores, out driving their peers, playing injury free and enjoying the game more than they ever thought they could. Now, it’s time to help you.

GolfersRx has every expert you need to master your swing, your putting stroke, your fitness, your short game, your mental focus and attitude, your health and every other challenge you face on the course, no matter how big or how small. And we are going to introduce you to them one by one... simply enter your name below to receive expert tips, tricks and behind the rope secrets. (We even have a top 5 PGA instructor to help! ) So don't delay... sign up here. We will be in touch.

Past Prescriptions

Don’t Sway in Your Golf Swing

Stop the sway and you'll minimize chunked and thinned shots

Aspire: 18 Ball Warm Up

Don't rush your warm up...ease into it

A New Bunker Technique For Better Results

Mr. Short game has a new approach to get your bunker game back in shape.

Aspire Tip: Get Creative and Hit More Greens

You're not going to be faced with a stock shot on every hole...so get creative in your practice.

Aspire: In Between Clubs

How many times in a round do you have the perfect yardage? Not very often. So let's practice your in between club shots.

How To Practice Putting Without A Hole

Mr. Short game is back with a perfect drill when there are no holes on the practice green or when it's too crowded. It will bring purpose to your practice and make you a better putter. Think of it like eating your broccoli... it's good for you...you need it...and it's hard!

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