* “Love all your tips & videos. You really try to simplify the golf swing with easy tips.
Especially love your humor too.”
– Trudes

* “Short, sweet and to the point, and easy to watch on a regular basis.
Golden nuggets that I need to be reminded of. Love the entire series that I have seen this year.”
– Ian HALL

* “You are the BEST!! Every time I click on a Instructional video and it is NOT QUITE the CHAP, I delete it! You don’t need 10, 15, 20 minute lessons!! DOCTOR is in and he is the best!! KEEP IT SIMPLE! – Gary Jay Coburn

* “LOVE these short clips! Helpful, entertaining, short and sweet. The “pause” at the top my fav as starting down before I get set my nemesis and the root cause of mishits. Tougher than it looks to go to the range and really, truly pause at the top but a great drill to work on. Feels like I am in pause for 15 seconds when it is likely one second but that’s the idea: work on getting the feeling. Keep em coming!” – Rich Keith

* “Golfers Rx is really the site for great tips and drills.
Mr. Short Game and Colby keep it simple and easy to follow.
Thanks guys for your time and Great Videos!”
– Brad

* “Quite the Chap’s instructions are my favorite because they have me concentrate on one thing at a time and are very understandable. Keep them coming.” – Rich

* “This is, without a doubt, one of the most important “tips” for most amateur golfers. Too many try to “make” the body/arms/hands/etc. do things to add power or control the path when all anyone really has to do is put the body into a position that “allows” the body to turn properly. The arms and legs will aid the swing as they should if they are in position to do so. “Allowing” the body to work properly is the key to consistency.” – Tom Page

* “You are fantastic! These simple instructions has taken me from a 11 handicap to a 3. Little reminders are easier to take to the range and course. Thanks again!” – Chris

* “How did I miss this tip!! Excellent! Next time, I’ll show up early enough to try this (instead of gett to the course late and putting my shoes on at the first tee).” – Bob Kapp

* “You do a Great job of helping us play better. These quick tips are SO much better than other video Tips. They make sense, but more important, they work and make our golf beer. Thank you! – Gary Backlund

* “Love the 60 second format! Nothing more frustrating that a 5-minute golf video that is 4 minutes of describing the problem and only (you guessed it) 60-seconds of discussing the solution. Well Done!” – R. Reed