Tip 4 – Healthy Breakfast – Start Your Day Right

Keep it Simple when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast. The Golf Yogi eats breakfast at home, so he knows what ingredients he is consuming. Read Now.

Tip 3 – Stretch & Meditate – Start Your Day Right

Stretching is important to your Golf Fitness program.  You will improve flexibility and hit the ball farther when you stretch your muscles.<br /> Read Now.

Tip 2 – Eat Your Greens Outside – Start Your Day Right

The Golf Yogi begins his day by getting all of his fruits and vegetables consumed with a supplement to his Orange Juice. Read Now.

Overview – Start Your Day Right

This is a series of videos to help you START YOUR DAY RIGHT from the Golf Yogi at GolfersRx. Read Now.

How to Hit the Pitch Shot Spinner

Read Now.

Approach Shots
How to Master the Low Draw Inside 100 Yards

Read Now.

Simplest Training Aids
Sure Set Sensations vs Pictures

Read Now.

Free Clean Kicks

MAKE YOUR SHOES LOOK LIKE NEW…<br /> …With Your FREE SAMPLE of CleanKicks Shoe Wipes!<br /> No Credit Card Required, No Fine Print. This sample is 100% FREE!<br /> <a href="https://golfersrx.com/clean-kicks-free/"> <u>Click Here: Get Your Free Sample Pack Now</u></a> Read Now.

Don’t Sell ‘Em Short: Smaller Courses are Good for Your Game

Man, that Torrey Pines South Course is long. Some may say too long for us regular folks... <br /> <br /> In fact, we'd argue that it is best to take the opposite route – let’s head to a short course and have some fun… <br /> <br /> Let's talk about it. Read Now.

Free Tips
Swipes vs Strikes – Indoor Training Drill

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