Mental Game Tips
PreShot Driver Drill

This PreShot Driver Drill will help you swing through your tee shot and improve your driver distance. Read Now.

Bunker Tips
The Bunker Drill – Sand Scoop

The Bunker Drill - Sand Scoop is a practice technique that will help you gain confidence in the bunker and condition you to follow through on every bunker shot. Read Now.

Approach Shots
Stop Coming Up Short on Par 3s

It's well known that most amateur golfers find themselves short of the flag on their approach shots or on Par 3 tee shots. So, why is that? Because they underclub or select the club that flies at or near the desired distance when hit just right. Read Now.

Bunker Drill – Throw the Sand

Ok, so most of us will never be able to bomb it like Bryson, but anyone of us can dial in our short game and lower our scores with good fundamentals and lots of practice. This is especially true in the bunker. Read Now.

Chipping Options Around the Green

Mr. Short Game is back with multiple chipping options to try next time you find yourself around the green on hard pan or with a tight lie. Watch Now.

Mental Game Tips
Take Your Range Game to the Golf Course

We hear it all the time. "Why can't I take my range game to the course?" It's so frustrating not being able to replicate the swing you grooved at range when on the course. Mr. Short Game has an interesting take on how to accomplish this. Read Now.

How to Break Par… Sort of!

A a bit of a twist on how to help you break par during your next round! Read Now.

How to Chip from the Hardpan

Mr. Short Game is back with 2 different types of shots to try when you find yourself short side and on some hard pan. Read Now.

Bunker Technique – Shallow not Steep

Mr. Short game has a new approach to get your bunker game back in shape. <br /> Watch Now.

How To Practice Putting Without a Hole

Mr. Short game is back with a perfect drill when there are no holes on the practice green or when it's too crowded. It will bring purpose to your practice and make you a better putter. Think of it like eating your broccoli... it's good for you...you need it...and it's hard! Watch Now.