Yoga Pants on the Tee Box

Are those Lululemon?

Golf is one of the few sports where the fans dress like the players.  Far more involved and coordinated than wearing the team jersey of a favorite player.  The uniform for a golfer has become a fashion-conscious multi-billion dollar business. Fashionistas are seemingly everywhere on golf courses. 

We have seen both the ‘hoodie’ and “high-tops” show up on the PGA Tour.  Golf pant legs have become far more tapered.  And there is always one in a foursome with a penchant for bright colors like neon green or iridescent chartreuse. As you grab, your sunglasses remember the safety factor in avoiding getting hit by a golf ball.

AthLeisure in Golf

So, does your golf attire Saturday morning at the muni fit into the growing category of AthLeisure?

Our very own Golf Yogi, Mark Willamson, is always wearing AthLeisure, work-out clothes.  But he’s in the gym or his Home Workout Space.  He looks comfortable and stylish in loose-fitting black.

There is another category of apparel gaining in popularity, the “compression fit.” Many claims of reduced injuries, improved support, and gains in overall performance.  

Thus begs the question, how far would you go in the name of improving your game?  What fashion faux pas would you risk to add 30 yards to your tee game?  Is there anything you would rule out wearing if you could eliminate the 3-putt green?  And I don’t mean cross-dressing to move up to the ladies’ tees. 

Heck, if it works, wear it, I say.  Even Yoga Pants on the Tee Box!

In January, I got heckled on the tee box for wearing a pastel sweater I received as a Christmas gift.  My game does not hold up to even a little scrutiny.  So if you’re of the fragile ego club, it’s probably best to leave your penchants in the closet.

But how far would you go for 30 yards?



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