The Counter Golf Compliments

Can a golf compliment be an act of gamesmanship? Possibly.  What about Counter Compliments?

 As we unleash a torrent of unspoken expletives inside our head when a putt ends up inches from the cup, it can be difficult to swallow smarmy compliments about executing a smooth stroke. 

Golf Compliments

Why does it seem like those innocuous golf compliments only serve to ramp up the volume up on our dark thoughts?

The compliment delivered with a sly smirk can also be so unsettling as to linger to the next tee and beyond. That image of compliment uttered with a crooked grin sear’s your soul and can cloud your concentration.

Some other examples include:

“But you made good contact” (as the drive soars far and even farther left)

“Ooh, if you just stroked it a tad firmer. You had the line!” 

“I know you’re not happy, but that was a much better swing.”

 “Great shot!” (as the ball then soars, O.B.)

The last example could be the most brazen of the golf compliments just for its blatancy and the accompanying befuddlement.  This might well be the favorite of the tactical complimenter – the early praise ruse. 

These cretins start their shenanigans at the crack of your ball, striking the clubface, and delivered with guile that can have your game shambles quickly. Worse yet, often they do this throughout a round of golf until you explode in anger.

Unwanted Compliments

The weird part of the “counter compliment” is that if you beat them to the punch and say it out loud, you can deny them any tactical advantage. Even their heralding agreement seems less painful. 

If you are a sworn enemy of the League of Tactical Complimenters, you understand that etiquette and honor do not require a consolatory commentary with every miscue.  Sometimes it is better to respect your partner’s frustration with silence. 

You can also promote camaraderie with a  “Are You Kidding Me!” or a short and concise “&%*@.” This establishes that you are more in tune with your partner’s attitude. 

Even when engaged in competition with a playing partner, your anti-gamesmanship solidarity helps everyone play at their best level.

A little thoughtfulness is the best course. Commiserating with a golf buddy can be a magnanimous gesture but if you want him or her to hook it out of bounds on the next tee, try a smarmy “Fantastic effort, Bob!” but beware of flying putters.



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